Michael Kreiser Aspires to Be an Inspiration to Fellow Struggling Artists by Cultivating His Talent, Doing What He Loves

Not everyone is born with equal opportunities. Some have the chance of living affluent lives, while many start at the very bottom of the food chain. People have to work hard and climb their way up the ladder to make something out of their lives and careers. Michael Kreiser was once a struggling artist trying to make his way in the world. Now, he owns an online platform where he sells his artistic creations and makes a substantial livelihood.

Michael may be famous now, but he had his ups and downs, just like any other struggling artist trying to break into the art world. He worked hard for a long time, yet lacked a sense of direction. Michael’s lack of focus set him on the path to a troubled childhood and early adolescence. He had to enroll in night school to complete his coursework and improve his academic performance.

Despite his turbulent past, Michael found stability and began to work on his art skills. He had always had a talent for drawing even at a very young age. When he was only six, his self-portrait was used as a pamphlet cover to advertise an art show that was hosted by the Art Institute and Gallery in Salisbury. Once he had graduated, he started to polish his talents further by offering oil painting commissions online. He did have a job at the Olive Garden that kept him financially afloat, yet he wanted his primary source of income to be through his art.

Like any person with artistic capabilities, Michael had quite the imagination. He had his own way of perceiving the world around him, and one day, while listening to Kendrick Lamar’s song, he had an epiphany. His song had a character named Kung Fu Kenny, which Michael began to think of as a comic book character. Deciding to put his artistic skills to the test, he created his first faux comic book cover and posted it online. He was an immediate hit amongst his peers, who connected with him through his art and saw the potential for him to grow.

Michael has seen brilliant success in his professional life in the past few years, like being featured on HBO and Hulu. Other than that, he has also elevated his personal life. He bought a new house in a new city with his wife and children and paid off his student and car loans. Michael has emerged as a motivated individual who now has a resume of accomplishments under his belt.

It does not matter what hand you are dealt with in life; Michael has proven that no matter what, one can rise above their failings and shortcomings and create a better life. Check his social media sites including; Twitter, Instagram, and his official website, for info on how he has turned his life around.

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