Clinical Herbalist Arielle Hayat Tackles The Herbal Medicine And Entrepreneurship Industry

The herbal medicine market is booming, and just like every other booming industry, it needs the help of entrepreneurs to get into the game. If you know someone looking for success in herbal medicine, Arielle Hayat might be who they need to succeed. She’s a woman of many talents, passionate about bringing herbal medication to people who need it. Read along to learn more about Arielle, a young enthusiastic woman, who is intent on getting the message about plants out far and wide.

Arielle graduated with a BA from Arizona State University, and attended three years of intensive clinical training at ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism. Throughout her studies on the medicinal benefits of plants she was nothing short of fascinated by their power to help the body heal itself.

Arielle works full-time as a herbalist, astrologer, and educator to help people reclaim their power. She forged her career while working behind the counter of The Alchemist’s Kitchen, a health retail outlet, where she gave classes and informed consumers about common plant medicines.

During the pandemic, Arielle tried to enter the business world and started a company in the field of feminine sexual health, but it did not work out. Instagram banned her content and posts and restricted her Instagram account although it contained serious posts on the female body, but things didn’t work out in her favor, and she had to give up on it.

However, she didn’t lose hope and created her first E-book, “21-Day Reset: Rescue the Gut with Lifestyle, Food, and Herbal Medicine”, which is a huge success. It contains easy-to-follow meditation techniques, a sensible diet with palatable meals, and an herbal protocol that will make you feel confident utilizing herbs. Arielle is committed to helping people live healthier lives.

Arielle provides innovative products and services to help people get the most out of herbal medicine. Herbal teas and supplements for anxiety, depression, and insomnia are some of the products she recommends. Arielle wants to spread awareness regarding gut health and that the gut is the center of our overall health and a key to a wholesome life. She wants people to learn how to have a healthy digestive system, and they can do that with the help of her E-book.

Arielle has dramatically impacted many people’s lives by putting herself out there to help others find herbal medicine as a tool, and also in coaching as an experienced astrologer. Her Instagram account, @arielletheherbalist, is full of herbal remedies for keeping a healthy life and a balanced diet.

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