Mina Hasan’s Guide to Modest Fashion, South-Asian Identity, and Body Positivity

The world of influencers is a difficult space to make a name for oneself. With new trends and aesthetics being curated constantly, it is virtually impossible to find a place in the canon of social media bloggers and influencers without a wholly original persona. Pakistani-American influencer Mina Hasan, however, managed to fit right in. Honest, authentic, and refreshingly new – these are the cornerstones of her creative philosophy.

Mina Hasan was born as a first-generation American to immigrant parents who had moved from Pakistan. Growing up was tough, as it is for new immigrants, and her dad’s aggravating back injury made things worse. This is when she saw her mother take charge, and went from being a housewife to a biology major to give their family a semblance of financial stability. This instilled a deep understanding of duty and hard work in her.

As time went on and her exposure to the real world extended beyond the four walls of her house, Mina started coming to terms with the absence of brown representation in media and popular culture. This had a profound effect on her, particularly during her early years when she really could have used a firm slate of support in someone else’s journey and experience. As a result, she took to social media platforms and started forging a space for herself. Soon, thousands of girls just like her started joining in and Hasan became the brown girl influence that she is known as today.

Between fashion and lifestyle, Hasan’s content is fascinatingly eclectic. She is amongst the first influencers to promote modest fashion trends for Muslim girls as well as those that do not want to show their skin. In a world where girls are hypersexualized from an early age, it resonates with many across multiple platforms. She usually pairs scarves with top-down dresses, oversized tops with fitted bottoms, and cardigan-based outfits that can be worn in summers and winters. She also styles dresses with an abaya to make them look Haute and trendy.

In addition to fashion vlogging, Mina Hasan’s content also revolves around the tricky waters of body positivity and weight loss. She documents her weight loss journey while not compromising on the delicious cultural food that is a staple in her household. She suggests alternative ways of having typical South Asian dishes like Tandoori Chicken by pairing them with healthy sides. These vary from sauteed vegetables to spinach salad and low-fat yogurt. She also occasionally suggests different workout regimens for the members of her audience that might be interested in hearing from someone with ground experience.

Hasan’s creative project is simple: to promote what she considers to be brownness in predominantly white spaces and to make young individuals everywhere feel like they have a role model in her. She hopes to one day become a household name and inspire more people.

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