Jewellery Influencer and Specialist Shohista Turan about Settling in and Making Your Own Space!

Hard work and dedication go a long way in creating your own space and leaving a mark. There may be many pre-existing or unseen hurdles that you might come across. However, what remains of significance is the bravery and courage with which you pick yourself up and continue to march forward. Meet Shohista Turan, an influential jewellery specialist who also held a similar idealogy and has successfully created her own space in the jewellery industry!

With her roots in Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Shohista struggled in the foreign land to call it her home. Yet she knew that it could only be her own will that would turn this alien space into her sweet cacoon. She worked relentlessly and faced any hardships head-on. This stead-fast spirit enabled her to pursue her dreams and finally acknowledge the United Kingdom as her sweet home.

As a graduate with a master’s degree in marketing, Shohista knew she could combine her overwhelming love for jewellery with her field of study and create a miracle. She started her online business and magazine, Jewellery Pursuer, from scratch with only a solid vision. All the hard work paid off, as she is now acknowledged as a renowned jewellery specialist, editor of the most-read magazine, and an influencer with 162k organic followers on Instagram.

Shohista, as a self-made woman, prefers to handle matters herself. She doesn’t rely on a big team but instead keeps a close circle of team members she trusts to get the work done. She partakes in every activity related to her work and likes giving chances to driven and motivated people like herself; she says, “We all work really hard to stay up-to-date with the challenges we are thrown at, and that really makes our work unique.”

The secret to her success lies in being ready to work hard and learn more. With no special training or background in the field, Shoista knew that she needed to find within her the motivation to keep going. She never stopped to compare herself with others; instead chose a positive attitude and focused on polishing herself. The motto behind her success is, “keep going, stand up and undust knees and move on.”




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