3 Traits You Must Have to Be an Alpha Male, According to Podcast Host & Dating Influencer Jeremy Jenson

It’s not easy to unlearn the negative patterns we acquire growing up, but it’s essential for personal development. The internet is replete with information on how to improve yourself. For men, the term alpha represents the gold standard, and it’s used in titles by content creators posing for the camera and rarely living the same life. Jeremy Jenson is living the life.

He is a content creator, a jolly podcast host bringing unfiltered insights from Houston’s most eligible bachelors on his dating podcast “What Men Want.” Interestingly, his business requires essentially the same skills that help you succeed in the dating scene. Jeremy believes a good recruiter has got to have a “good game.” Him being the best in business hailed as the “GOAT” headhunter, it’s easy to understand what he means.

Know your worth

Jeremy is not implicit about establishing himself as a competent individual and is not known to shy away from opportunities. He is a man of multiple interests and has shown immense potential professionally and creatively by never limiting himself. You’ve got to know your worth because only you can define what you’re capable of.

As an early achiever, Jeremy stood out among his gifted peers despite a challenging childhood, consistently topping academically and being a versatile star football athlete. The reason for his success: always wanting the best for himself. How did he develop the right mindset? Knowing his worth and never letting the circumstances suppress his potential.


An alpha male is supposed to be dominant. But it’s a problem if you think dominance in the 21st century should be the same as dominance among apes. While he is constantly looking to grow, Jeremy wants to support others. Contrary to the toxic idea of an alpha male pushing others down, Jeremy has built a business on helping others succeed.

His company is Encore Search Partners, the largest privately held Executive Search firm in Houston, Texas – focused on finding exceptionally talented candidates clients nationwide and facilitating businesses in finding the perfect fit for their team. Jeremy does an exceptional job of delegating and elevating people. He dominates in the fields of his interest by surrounding himself with inspirational people and supporting others to thrive.

Be yourself

The multi-talented Jeremy believes his drive to be authentic has helped him succeed in his professional and social endeavors. He encourages people to be themselves even if “they’re a dick.” Because the people around them will eventually figure out who they are, and then it’s only going to hurt them to be pretentious.

As a recruitment influencer, he helps qualified individuals develop their strengths and weaknesses into invaluable assets. As a podcast, he wants his guests to be brutally honest and fearless of judgment.

And rightly so, because you certainly can’t be an alpha male or anything for that matter unless you’ve learned to be yourself.

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