What Makes the Fitness Guru Josie Medema Stand Out in the Fitness Community

Everybody is different; similarly, every business also has its differences. There are many things that make a person or a business stand out in many mainstream and ordinary businesses. Entrepreneurs always have a competitive advantage because they work for their passion. The same can be said about Josie Medema, who works for her passion for helping people gain their health and fitness goals.

Josie has decided to call Utah her home after traveling and experiencing different cultures and countries. This is where she studies kinesiology and nutrition at the University of Utah. Kinesiology is the study of body movements and their anatomical aspect of it. Josie is also majoring in nutrition which helps her understand what amount of ingredients the body needs at a specific time.

Equipped with all that knowledge, Josie and her business stand out from the rest. She has the proper knowledge and resources to make specialized and personal regimes for clients with different needs and wants. Her education is the most crucial part of her plan to become the world’s most popular and sought-after personal trainer.

Moreover, she is currently a fitness model and bodybuilder, making her more experienced in implementing the regimes to get the best possible results. She can also help her clients implement regimes and motivate them to go on with their schedules. This is the most critical part of the plan since most people lose motivation or interest after a few months; Josie comes in and tweaks the regime a little to maintain motivation and interest.

She has worked hard to train herself and her clients by tweaking the mainstream practices to fit their lifestyles and schedules. She specializes in making a non-cookie-cutter routine for her clients, which they highly appreciate. This is exactly what she wishes to take to a higher level by opening up her gym, from which she can gain more clients.

She is adamant that her education in this field gives her the edge and sets her apart in the health and fitness industry. Her background, along with her vast experience as a personal trainer and a current bodybuilder, helps her understand her clients more and keeps her up to date on the current trends and innovations.

Josie has worked hard to build her reputation as a personal trainer and has many loyal clients. She wishes to maintain her clientele and to add more to the pile where she can help them with a specialized and personal routine fit for them.


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