Khalila Lister’s Power Of Voice Academy: A Safe and Inclusive Environment for Developing Public Speaking Skills

As individuals, we all have unique stories and perspectives to share with the world. However, public speaking can be daunting and overwhelming for many of us. Whether for a presentation at work, a speech at a wedding, or a talk on a stage, the fear of speaking in front of others can’t hold us back from sharing our message and making an impact.

But what if there was a way to overcome that fear and become a powerful speaker? What if there was a program that could help you develop your speaking skills and share your voice in a safe and inclusive environment? That’s where Khalila Lister and her Power Of Voice Academy program come in. It is designed to help individuals like you develop the confidence and skills necessary to become powerful speakers and share their messages with the world.

Khalila, the founder of Power Of Voice Academy, is proud to offer a unique and inclusive approach to public speaking training. As a Muslim woman, she has created a safe and welcoming environment for other Muslim women to develop their speaking skills and share their voices.

Power Of Voice Academy is the first public speaking academy in the world specifically designed for Muslims, providing a space where individuals can feel seen and heard. While the academy does not teach religion, it is grounded in values that align with the Muslim community.

She is an advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion. She covers her face as a form of modesty and is honored to work with a diverse group of clients. Her approach is deeply personal, and she considers her clients part of her family. Even after course completion, Khalila continues to support her clients by offering bonus classes and mastermind groups to track their progress and support their growth.

Khalila believes that everyone can be a powerful speaker and is committed to helping others share their message and inspire change. Her approach is grounded in compassion, and she is excited to see her clients take the stage and share their voices with the world.


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