Getting to Know Health Coach Rui da Silva, Who Is Passionate to Transform Lives

Rui da Silva is a health coach, entrepreneur, and influencer, born and raised in Porto, Portugal. From a very young age, he was highly focused and ambitious, which helped him pursue successful corporate positions in international companies. His job at a satellite company in Dubai exposed him to global management and the hectic negotiation process.

While expanding his horizons and growing his career internationally made him feel accomplished and worthy, he realized he felt somewhere lost in the wilderness of corporate pressures. In his journey to reinvent himself and improve his life, Rui took a sabbatical in 2020 and used the pandemic as a gift of time to transform his life and health.

A new beginning

Taking a break from work, Rui started studying to become a Health Coach at the world’s largest nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He also gained specialization in sleep, stress management, and recovery at Precision Nutrition. While it started off as an attempt to help Rui learn the skills and right tools for managing health and work-life balance, it was during this time that he realized his true calling- health coaching and helping people navigate through life’s stressors.

Helping busy people reclaim lives

Rui founded Balanced Rebel Health coaching with the sole purpose of assisting busy individuals and professionals to reclaim their lives and find the right guidance to live happier, healthier, and more balanced lives. Having belonged to the corporate sector for over twenty years, he knew the pains of working full-time and the associated work pressures.

Despite working out daily and keeping himself in the right shape alongside his work, he still did not feel contentment. This is why he has built this platform today to help people escape the life of imbalances and find direction and peace. Gushing about his successful venture, he said, “ I am quite proud of starting my own transformational journey, which led to not being afraid of change. Giving up a high-paying, stable job to do something that is aligned with my values and beliefs and launching Balanced Rebel was not easy. It takes courage to embrace such a journey.”

Today, nearly two years into the health coaching business, Rui has gained immense recognition for his work. His most significant achievement is assisting and supporting the transformational journeys of his clients. Hundreds of people have sought his help in losing weight, managing stress, and overcoming insomnia or anxiety disorders.

Rui da Silva has successfully mastered bringing people toward light and happiness, transforming their perspectives, and triggering their life evolution. With his knowledge and guidance, many are accomplishing their dreams and living healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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