Benjamín Vicuña explodes before the rumors of infidelity to China Suárez

It has been almost two weeks since Benjamín Vicuña confirmed his break with China Suárez , but the rumors about their separation do not stop coming out.

At first, it was reported that Suárez had been the one who was unfaithful to the Chilean actor with the 23-year-old Argentine rapper, Wos .

However, in the program Mañanísima they  assured that Vicuña was unfaithful to China with a waitress in Córdoba, Argentina.

“He would have been with a girl from the place where he went to dinner. There was a specific situation that happened recently in Córdoba, where he went for work. They were jealous a lot on the phone, this belongs to both of them. The people on the plane heard the discussion “commented one of the panelists of the program, Estefanía Berardi .

Faced with this, from another popular program in Argentina, Los Angeles de la Mañana , they contacted the actor to ask about the rumors.

“Hello Benjamin, how are you? Excuse me to start the morning by asking you about this, but during the day they will talk about the issue of the Cordoba waitress,” they wrote from the production of the program.

And so, during the day, the journalist Ángel De Brito read the message that Vicuña sent him, referring for the first time to the situation.

“Hello, good morning, I am recording. It is absolutely false. I cannot go out to clarify every rumor. I really try to stay out of it but it is unbearable,” the Chilean actor answered bluntly, thus denying the alleged infidelity to China.

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