“F*Ck Diet Culture”: How Kendall Freeman Is Advising Us To Stop Counting Calories

Rebelling against diet culture, Kendall Freeman celebrates one year into her eating disorder recovery. Beginning her struggle with orthorexia nervosa and later developing other similar disorders, she understood the need to eat what she wanted to. To celebrate her one-year recovery journey she shared a cake with the phrase “F*CK DIET CULTURE”. In her Tik Tok caption, she says, “eat the cake, f the eating disorder.”

From crippling anxiety around food to now wanting a celebratory cake, Kendall is living proof that putting in the work to recover pays off. Her cake that takes a jab at diet culture is just one example of her fun personality mixed with her passion for encouraging others to eat what they want. She wants everyone to know how much better your life will be when you’re no longer restricting. 

On her Instagram, Kendall says “your eating disorder is valid even if people think you’re “the healthy one.” She believes recovery from an eating disorder is more than just gaining back lost weight or eating three meals a day. Instead, it is a continuous process and you must keep choosing to heal if you want to live a happier life post-recovery. She hopes to one day partner with her favorite brands to gain a larger audience in showing what it looks like to live life after an eating disorder, and even start an industry shift. Fitness influencers can be see everyday, but finding a recovery influencer isn’t so easy. Kendall is working to make her career a passion, but until then she will continue to share her journey and be a breath of fresh air for social media. 

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