Kai Lanier: A Role Model for Youth

Kai Lanier, a Florida-based young content creator and micro-influencer doing life hacks videos, has set the example for young people who want to pursue their passion despite all odds. Kai’s unwavering commitment and determination made him reach the heights of success while following his natural instinct. His journey is a story of resistance and resilience against all odds.

Being an adopted child, he faced an identity crisis throughout childhood and other issues relating to family relationships. He also faced restrictions regarding using social media, his only comfort place in the wake of all the problems he was facing. Kai struggled and wrestled with his adoptive parents to allow him to use social media as he felt connected. But he couldn’t get his freedom until he moved out.

Inspired by his friend and associate’s success in content creation and online influencing, Kai sought guidance and started his journey from scratch with zero followers and no influence but confidence in himself and a creative spark. Kai kept his content original and expressed his creativity through short videos after hitting vitality in 2022 when one of his videos hit 600K views in just four days. It provided a boost to his monetization and viewership. Now, he has half a million followers on TikTok, 20k followers on Instagram, and 177k subscribers on YouTube. He also got The Silver YouTube plaque for crossing the 100,000 followers milestone. Still, he kept his head down and strived to meet the expectations of his ever-growing fans and flowers, and, to a larger extent, he has been successful in doing so.

Kai also faced undue criticism and mad hate from his peers and competitors, who felt jealous of Kai’s success, taking a significant toll on his mental health. However, he overcame it with consistency and commitment to his goals. He made himself feel above the present and aimed only at the bigger goals in the future.

Though Kai could sustain himself with influencing at the moment, he chose to work full-time at a hospital, too. He intends to save some bucks and move out of Florida to actualize his dream of making a career in acting and modeling. That would help him become a full-time content creator, influencing people worldwide.


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Rachel is a research professor at the University of California where she holds the Radcliffe Foundation at The Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past three decades studying courage,and empathy. Rachel Alba is the author of seven bestselling novels.
Rachel Alba
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