With a Rich South Asian Heritage, Dipika Gupta Is Creating a Buzz in the Western Vegan Fashion Community

Based in Canada, from an early age, designer Dipika Gupta has channeled her love of fashion and design into a career that has led to success in both the North American continent and India. From 2005 to 2008, she exhibited her collections at L’Oreal Fashion Week, and their clothes appeared in Elle Canada, Flare Canada, and Vision magazines.

Her high-fashion designer brand KAVI KAVI remained a success; however, it has changed its direction towards a new avenue. It is now an emerging vegan skincare brand aiming to conquer sustainable cosmetic markets worldwide, offering cruelty-free, paraben-free, high-quality skin care products.

The idea of starting a business in the fashion niche came to Dipika because her mother was a fashion designer, inspiring her to become one too. She says, “KAVI KAVI’s goal is to be a sustainable vegan brand with South Asian and North American fusions and values.”

Because of her South Asian roots, Dipika believes that her rich cultural heritage is a natural expression of who she is. This is also why instead of just having a patina of the culture referenced in her collection, she had the bountiful history of Jaipur as an integral part of every collection she created while still making it modern and accessible to consumers.

Although KAVI KAVI is still in its infancy, it has already garnered tremendous appreciation in the US market. Moreover, because people worldwide are trying to make more conscious choices, choosing vegan and organic products, Dipika believes that the trend towards a more holistic way of life is increasing.

Vegan products are the go-to for many people, especially those who believe in a natural way of life. Dipka says that if you take a closer look at the ingredients in vegan cosmetics, they are primarily plant-based, and consumers consider them to be healthier and safer than synthetic ingredients; they are also heavily influenced by the vegan diet.

Dipika also says that significant cases of cancer-causing talc powders and concealers have made consumers skeptical about what they are putting on their faces or body. On the other hand, she said that vegan or natural products are much more trustworthy because rather than a long list of chemicals found in other beauty products, vegan products come with considerably fewer ingredients, which can be counted on your fingers.

The need for vegan/natural/organic products is rising, and Dipika believes this will continue to disrupt the beauty market. This change is happening because consumers feel that if they work hard to eat and live healthier, it is natural to extend the same focus toward the products they apply to their bodies. KAVI KAVI offers terrific skincare products, including vibrant eyeshadows and rich lip colors. Dipika also focuses on hosting charitable events to help her community and the underprivileged back in her homeland.

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