Habits and Attributes of the Professional Artist and Surfer Danielle Zirkelbach, Which Led Her to Do the Impossible

Every action has a reaction, and that stands true for every situation – even the business world. Having specific mindset and habits can ensure one’s success in the realm of business.  Danielle Zirkelbach, the founder of The Art of Danielle Zirk LLC, has trained her body and mind to have specific habits and attributes that contribute to her success as an artist and businesswoman.

Working out every day

Daily workouts and exercise sessions release dopamine into our bodies. Dopamine release is directly linked to making us feel happier and healthier. Danielle ensures daily exercises and workouts to keep up with her health and encourage her followers. She is adamant about helping others achieve their goals and objectives, and she believes working out daily and creating a routine is the way to do so.

Healthy mindset and gratitude

After an exhilarating workout and exercise routine, rejuvenating your mind is a must. By practicing affirmations exercises and inviting positive energy into one’s life, one can have a healthy mindset. A healthy perspective and gratitude towards the people, nature, and surroundings are essential. To work and create balance in life is the key, and Danielle makes sure to work hard on her career and still make enough time to be thankful for her beautiful family.

Make mistakes, but once

Making mistakes is one to learn new things. Danielle has worked very hard for her business and, along the way, has made many mistakes. Making mistakes is not a bad thing unless you only make them once.

Do not get lost in illusions, Instagram, and comparison.

In the age of social media and online platforms everywhere, it is crucial to stay focused and not be fooled by filter-laden pictures. Being authentic and honest is the best way forward. Danielle often encourages her follower to remain focused and not compare themselves with fake and unrealistic influencer lifestyles. In contrast, she offers raw and honest content on creating balance in life and following the path toward one’s true calling.

The distinction between “I believe” and “I know.”.

According to Danielle, there is a massive distinction between “I believe” and “I know.”.She wants her followers to know that it is time to get over the “I believe” mindset and start going forward with the “I know” mindset. She encourages people to get to know themselves and find the path they can see in front of them. She wants to help more people in the future and sees social media as a way to connect globally.

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