Published Author Dr. Laurie Mintz on Exposing the Orgasm Gap and Stirring a New Revolution on Equality

Feminism remains as essential today as it did for the pioneering suffragettes a hundred years ago. While many still question its relevance, the fact is that women remain far from equal globally. According to an acclaimed psychologist, author, and speaker, Dr. Laurie Mintz, “Feminism is both a movement and a core identity for me, both of which revolve around the idea of activism aimed at social justice and equality.”

Dr. Mintz has emerged as a modern-day feminist, inspiring a new wave of change while enabling women to reclaim their sexuality. She is a tenured Professor at the University of Florida, teaching the Psychology of Human Sexuality to undergrads and providing expert mentorship to graduate students assisting them in their clinical and research training. With over 30 years of experience, she is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, indicating that her work has had a positive national influence on the field of psychology.

Alongside her academic career, Dr. Laurie is a revolutionary as the author of two immensely empowering books on women’s sexuality, Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters and How to Get It and A Tired Woman’s Guide Passionate Sex: Reclaim Your Desire and Reignite Your Relationship. Both her books are masterpieces on understanding women’s sexuality better and have worked tremendously to spread sex-positive information and enhance female pleasure.

As Dr. Laurie points out, while the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s made it acceptable to have sexual encounters before marriage, it did nothing to assure these encounters would be equally pleasurable for women. Dr. Laurie further says, “As a teaching and research tool, I anonymously poll students regarding their sexual experiences and compare the results to published research. Both sources provide striking evidence of an orgasm gap between women and men. This spurred me to write a book to foster pleasure equality.

Numerous studies have exposed the vast orgasm gap between women and men.. According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior survey, 64 percent of women and 91 percent of men orgasmed at their most recent sexual encounter. Dr. Mintz uses statistics, research, and science to expose the orgasm gap through classes, speeches, books, and social media. She believes that the right kind of sex education is crucial to the sexual wellbeing of women. She challenges us to close this gap by changing the language of sex, dispelling false media images of women’s pleasure, and equally valuing women’s right to orgasm.

Dr. Mintz’s efforts are noteworthy in raising awareness of bringing gender equality during intimacy and have caused a new sexual revolution for pleasure equality to emerge. To be part of her revolution, check out her website.


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