An Impact Investor with the Power of Siberian Tiger, Irina Meyer Gears Up for the Change She Wants to Witness

“You want something done right, you do it yourself” – we all know this famous quote from Napoleon Bonaparte. Honoring these words, the founder of Mama Lion Productions and Sils Capital, Irina Meyer, contributes to society by empowering women and sponsoring companies that use their groundbreaking technologies to save nature and upgrade their lifestyles. 

Irina lives by this beautiful thought,’ The world doesn’t see your pain, but what you’ve done with it. Many people struggle for life improvement, but only some can make a history of their struggles. People like her, who rise above their needs and work for noble causes, leave a lasting impact on humanity.

As a successful philanthropist and entrepreneur with a graceful personality, she impresses everyone she works with. She had a very troublesome childhood as she was born into a poor and dysfunctional family in Russia. Her parents undermined her abilities, but Irina was adamant about not giving up on her dreams. She graduated from a top university in Moscow and went to France for higher studies.

Irina found the golden rule of success – unflinching determination and untiring effort until you achieve your goals. She kept hold of the precious lessons life taught her during challenging times, which became a reason for her awareness and self-actualization. She carved a unique niche of impact investing in the business world and worked for the significant changes she envisioned. 

The esteemed venture capitalist, fluent in 6 languages, is also behind creating the Project Management department and PM discipline at Riot Games. She invests in changes she wants to witness through her company, such as clean air, medical tech advancement, women empowerment, and social good. Irina is also a recipient of the 2011 Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media.

Irina’s influential personality prompted assistant television producer Salvatore Assenza to create a biographical documentary on her life. Irina’s constructive approach to her problematic past and launching a venture with such a wonderful initiative inspired him. 

Sharing how her influential personality leaves a mark wherever she goes, Salvatore says, ‘Irina came into my life with the power of a Siberian Tiger- both intimidating and mesmerizing. Her honesty hits you in the face like you wouldn’t expect and, at the same time, disarms you. ..….. It takes some time to understand who you’re dealing with because we’re not used to dealing with people who bear their souls so readily. Once you understand that, you see that you’ve been looking at the real Irina all along.’

Irina Meyer, a woman with great aspirations, continues to hustle to make the world a better place for everyone.


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