Exploring Bleeding-edge Operations at Hounder Digital Design and Development (and Having Fun Doing it)

Have you ever worked with a digital solutions company that appeared to be more secretive than the CIA? Understandably, businesses in the software service industry keep their processes and research under lock and key to stay ahead of the competition, but it is frustrating, no? Joshua Northcott, CTO and co-founder of Hounder, along with Justin Hough, is working to change that.

Committed to transparency with both clients and the wider world, Hounder is sharing an insider’s perspective on what happens behind the scenes at their headquarters.

Given the amount of trust it takes to let another company handle building an immersive and stable online experience for your business, the Hounder team believes that transparency is essential to all client relationships. The all-star team at Hounder works alongside Joshua to create an open and inclusive environment for businesses to get the help they need. Joshua has worked very hard to make Hounder a reputed agency in the service industry and offers a plethora of services for businesses, big and small.

Hounder provides a full suite of digital design, development, and marketing services, including web design and development, drupal development, Digital marketing and SEO, web app development, WordPress development, enterprise design system, and brand identity. Not only this, Joshua and his team work relentlessly to provide their clients with state-of-the-art ADA and web compliance, ArcGIS solutions and services, and Blackbaud implementation services.

Joshua reminds his followers and clients that “these services are based on bleeding-edge expertise, a small team of individuals who take on the biggest projects in the industry and work with immense motivation and experience.”

To make people aware of the transparency of the work process, Joshua has created a YouTube channel where he posts his monthly web series. The web series known as “Off Leash” describes the employees’ day-to-day tasks and the projects they are working on. “Off Leash” is a home movie-style vlog that depicts the process of discovering the problem, defining the proper strategy, and designing prototypes for testing before finally delivering the product to the client. Several of the videos also show friendly banter and light-hearted conversations among the team at Hounder.

Through the web series, Joshua also introduces his team and co-founder, Justin Hough, who heads up the development team. His all-star team includes people like Bryan Stifle, Hounder’s Creative Director; Joey Michael Domingo, the Digital Marketing Lead; Julian Sanchez, the web content specialist; and Ryan Warrick, a creative writer. These are only a few of the talented team members introduced in the web series. In many vlogs, these team members are shown pulling several office pranks on various team members. With their cheerful disposition, the channel has garnered many subscribers.

“Off Leash” shows several shots of their meetings, how they communicate among themselves, and what can be done to improve it further. The web series also shows the clients and potential customers that Joshua and his team will do whatever it takes to put their best foot forward.

Hounder is all about transparency and unity, both within their team and with the outside world. Embracing these values creates a positive and motivating work environment that drives success. And now, you can get an inside look at Hounder’s approach to business by tuning in to Joshua’s web series on YouTube. With behind-the-scenes insights and expert advice, this series is a must-watch for anyone looking to take their business to the next level. Click here to start watching.

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