Spain calls its ambassador to Nicaragua for consultations

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, called this Wednesday to consultations with the ambassador in Managua, María del Mar Fernández-Palacios , after the note issued on Tuesday, August 10 by the Nicaraguan Government with “serious and unfounded accusations” against Spain and its institutions.

In addition, the note from the Government of President Daniel Ortega included “gross falsehoods about judicial and electoral processes” in Spain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlined in a statement.

“Nicaragua is going through a deep political, economic and social crisis that has worsened in recent weeks as a result of the intensification of repression by the Government against political and social opposition actors, as well as against independent media,” according to the same statement.

For this reason, Spain rejects “categorically” the content of the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry note and demands that the Nicaraguan State “comply with the international commitments acquired in the field of Human Rights and its own constitutional precepts, guaranteeing the rights of all its members. citizens and free political participation ”.

Spain is the fourth country to call its diplomatic representative in Nicaragua for consultations, after Colombia did it on July 28 , although it was first done – on June 21 – by the Governments of Mexico and Argentina.

Regimen response

Hours after the Spanish announcement, the Government of Ortega and Rosario Murillo issued a statement where it “ratifies everything stated” in last Tuesday’s note. “In that Communication only truths have been said , and that is precisely what irritates that honorable kingdom (of Spain).”

“In view of its repeated interference in our affairs, of unprecedented colonial claims to 200 years of independence, we ratify and expand what was said yesterday (Tuesday), also demanding that that kingdom comply with all its obligations in terms of human rights and democracy, in a non-repressive legal framework that guarantees social, political, electoral and citizen processes, in that Spain that looks so arrogant, boastful and false ”, reads a new note from the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry.

“The day will come when their rabid, ridiculous, high-sounding and fallacious voices will give rise to others , fraternal, respectful, and true. We are sure that a better world is possible, and for that we work ”, concludes the Ortega statement.

First note from the Chancellery

In Tuesday’s note, the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry condemned the “inadmissible interference of the Government of the Kingdom of Spain in the internal affairs” of the country.

Nicaragua accused Spain of lacking “moral authority”, guilty of “so much fallacy, cover-up, lies, crimes, hate crimes and crimes against humanity, that they do not confess, but that everyone knows, and condemns.”

Thus, the Ortega Government will continue to denounce “the cynical and continuous, meddling, interference and intervention in our internal affairs, inappropriate for democratic governments, also inappropriate for regimes that continuously violate the rights of their peoples to autonomy or autonomous processes of independence. ”.

He also denounced the “crimes against humanity, never investigated or tried” of the Antiterrorist Liberation Groups (GAL), active in the eighties, and the “fierce and brutal colonial and neocolonial history” of Spain.

European criticism

In recent days, Spain and the European Union (EU) have stated that the decisions that prevent the participation of the opposition in the general elections called for November 7 remove the due guarantees of the electoral process in the making and deprive their credibility. results.

Spain and the EU thus questioned the fact that, since last May, 32 Nicaraguan opposition leaders and candidates have already been arrested and accused of treason, which will prevent them from standing in the November general elections.

Ortega aspires to his fifth presidential term, fourth in a row, and second with his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo.

Last Friday the decision of the Nicaraguan Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) to cancel the legal personality of the opposition alliance Ciudadanos por la Libertad (CxL) was also known, so it will not be able to stand in the elections.

Situation with Costa Rica

In response to international criticism, the Nicaraguan regime called its ambassadors in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica to consult , as a measure of “reciprocity,” said Vice President and spokesperson Rosario Murillo last Monday.

In the case of Costa Rica, the Government of Carlos Alvarado last June canceled the appointment of its ambassador to Nicaragua, Xinia Vargas .

In addition, Colombia and Costa Rica are among the 26 countries that, in mid-June, voted in the Organization of American States to condemn the wave of arrests of opponents, in addition to demanding their immediate release.

The president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, reiterated on Wednesday his position that in neighboring Nicaragua there is “a very clear violation of human rights” and insisted on the urgency of a democratic electoral process and that political prisoners be released.

“Our relationship with Nicaragua is increasingly from state to state and not from government to government, because in Nicaragua there is a very clear violation of human rights, there are arrests of opponents and there is political persecution. Costa Rica cannot agree with that, ”Alvarado declared when asked by journalists after an official event.

The Costa Rican ruler affirmed that his country will continue to advocate “for a democratic process, with observation and transparency,” as well as for “the release of political prisoners” and “freedom of the press.”

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