Content Creator and Businessman OuttaPocketAli Inspires Young People with His Hard Work and Consistency

Success comes at any age. Ali, a 19-year-old content creator and CEO is an inspiration to people around him. His energy is contagious and his determination to achieve his goals makes him stand out. He inspires people with his ability to never give up no matter how challenging the circumstances are. Throughout his life, he has seen many ups and downs but what kept him going was his consistency and the way he looks at any situation. He believes that nothing is impossible and that through hard work, we can make great things happen.

In his journey, Ali has experienced many different things from starting a gaming channel at 13 to having his own clothing business OUTTA POCKET, and also making comedy content, he successfully did it all. His content on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok gets a lot of appreciation from the audience and they love watching his fun videos. The recognition he got through content creation also helped him build a successful business as people already had trust in him.

Ali had a difficult childhood as he suffered from GBS for five years. However, he managed to not let his illness take over his mind and kept himself busy making friends, and found his escape in comedy and humor. During elementary school, things were hard for him as he could barely speak English and his academics were terrible. Being in a wheelchair and unable to do normal things, Ali is truly an inspiration and his resilience is commendable.

The motivation to take risks in life and test his strength, Ali tried wrestling during high school but failed miserably as he was underweight and lost a ton. He ended the season with 1 win and 17 losses on the JV team. For anyone, it could be a setback but Ali did not lose hope and during his second year he went nearly undefeated. He had the highest GPA on his wrestling team and ended up getting selected into a renowned STEM academy and attended medical class there.

During that time he invented a medical device for patients with Parkinson’s/fine motor disease which was one of his major accomplishments. For this, he was granted a full-ride scholarship to college and an opportunity to work at a startup in LA.

He worked under the direct supervision of the CEO which helped him polish his skills. A few months later the company was acquired for a multi-million dollar deal and Ali successfully exited as a shareholder which was a big deal for a young 17-year boy. During his journey, he had many failures but he learned the lessons and kept going. This is what he wants the youth to understand that nothing comes easy and the only key to success is perseverance and hard work.

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