How Janice Lee’s Beyond the Ceremony Is Ensuring the Best Bridal Experience

Your wedding dress may have been one of the most expensive elements of your wedding, so it seems a shame that when the big day is over, your most precious handmade gown is just packed away and never to be worn or even seen again. If you want more from your wedding dress experience, leading designer Janice Lee has designed a beautiful solution for you.  After years of testing and prototyping with materials, she’s come out with a line of luxurious wedding dresses that give you more options to customize your wedding look, but not just stopping there. She takes it one step further, as she says in her company’s name: Beyond The Ceremony.  By making it possible for that epic dress to be customized for a second time, you get to wear your precious piece again in a different form and relive that magical moment in your life.

The couture-level dresses are never compromised with the quality or design, it’s just the cherry on top that the wedding dress gets to keep living on – Letting you to keep those butterflies intact, and to add onto your most special memories.   After the wedding, depending on the style, the dress is dyed to another color and altered in ways to make it more wearable such as taking up the hemline.  Precisely what Janice is bringing to the fashion and bridal sphere, is sustainability and the ability to add even more meaning to the significant garments we wear.

Ms. Lee is an experienced creative director and fashion designer with over a decade of designing and manufacturing experience in the fashion industry. She creates uniquely original designs for a variety of apparel and accessories, as well as paints custom illustrations, and produces her own embroidery designs.  Known for her emphasis on pristine craftsmanship and unique detailing, she is slowly yet steadily creating her niche in the bridal design world.

As the founder of Beyond the Ceremony, her mission is simple. She wants to reimagine the wedding dress experience for today’s woman and staunchly advocates the idea that today’s modern woman isn’t a so-called “traditional bride.”  According to Janice, despite attempts to keep up with the times, most bridal companies are stuck in the past, and still stick to the expected version of what a bride should do and be. The stopping force in the bridal industry is the lack of sustainability as well as the expected wedding rules and uniforms that have defined yesterday’s bride.

In her creative and designing process, she values empowering women and ethical workflow. Her brand and design aesthetic personify effortless elegance, modernity, and the desire to push boundaries.  The motivation behind her brand was singular. Through Beyond the Ceremony, Janice wants to empower her clients to discover the bride she wants to be. Earning a solid competitive edge, Janice’s labor of love promises luxurious, and pristinely crafted dresses that take their own twist on tradition. As a personalized, curated, and relationship-oriented shopping experience; modern brides are bound to love the process.

Moreover, she always aims to positively impact her community through the core of her business. She always looks to support local suppliers and vendors and aims to create more jobs for underserved communities. On a united front, Janice and her team also look forward to doing more for her brides: hosting community gatherings and raising awareness for social missions to empower women and girls through volunteer days of service.




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