24/7 Content Creator and Marketing Major – Collin C-Storm is Winning Hearts by Redefining the Word ‘Cool’

Social media has unarguably changed the world, and TikTok is redefining the way social media works. Content creators are utilizing the platform to the utmost, producing entertaining, educational, and captivating content for their audiences. Each of these creators has a distinct style or perspective that helps them garner an organic fanbase.

It would be a mistake to assume, however, that people just latch onto any new content creator; they only connect to those who they can relate to, who have a certain charm, and something unique to offer. Internet sensation Collin C-Storm, who is also a marketing major at the University of Tennessee, is one of the content creators who offer just those things – relatability, charm, and a unique niche – and as a result, is one of the biggest stars on the platform.

Starting out with piano tutorials, he chose to make music his unique selling point because his skill is something that is not common among many people on the platform. Later on, Collin embraced his status as a viral content creator and diversified his videos – from showcasing life at university and doing voiceovers to taking part in social media challenges.

The fact that his strategy worked goes on to show how well content marketing works in  current times. He has also created content for multiple brands and has been featured on ESPN, Sportscenter, LazarLazar and other media channels. With more than 2.8 million followers on TikTok and a total of 1 billion views across all his social media channels, Collin is brimming with bright ideas and clever execution plans to put them forward on his feed.

He hails from Knoxville, Tennessee, and grew up in a middle-class family. His parents always supported him, even when he made risky choices. Narrating a past experience, Collin revealed that when he was still a minor, he had to get paid for his videos through his parents. When one of his videos became a hit, it earned him enough to put his parents in a different tax bracket. He ended up paying them $15,000 to make it even.

His TikTok presence exudes charm, but it is perseverance that has helped him on this journey. He believes that he deserves success; that it’s out there and he is entitled to it. Another of his attributes that sets him apart is his versatility and consistency. He is currently filming videos for two brands that will go on their accounts for cross-promotion, and brainstorming multiple ideas for TikTok that are being shot currently. Moreover, he also films videos for his own Youtube channels, independent contract work, and the like.

While Collin is seemingly living the high life, he has also struggled with FOMO and believes that when times get tough, he has often felt like giving up. There have been several instances where he has lost motivation and struggled to keep going. After all, making content every day for years without success can result in some serious demotivation. Luckily, Collin has always managed to rise above adversities, as he adapted and found ways to stay relevant in social media spaces.

Always looking for new ways to perfect his art, Collin is open to experimenting. As for his future goals and aspirations, he wants to be financially independent and create content that he enjoys. Despite his solid presence on TikTok, he also wants to increase his following on both Instagram and Youtube – and you can help him do that. But most of all, he wants little kids to come up to him and tell him that he has inspired them.






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