Big Guy With Big Mission – Calisthenics Expert Malcolm Akinseye on a Mission To Change Lives

Calisthenics is not only a fantastic way to build strength and improve your physique, but it is also an incredible journey toward self-discovery. Malcolm a 6’6″ calisthenics expert, is on a mission to spread the word about calisthenics and show people ways to transform their lives with this powerful form of fitness.

Malcolm’s journey started a few years ago when he felt unhappy with his appearance and lacked the strength and confidence he desired. After trying weightlifting without much progress, he stumbled upon calisthenics and was immediately hooked. With a combination of high-intensity exercise, gymnastics-style movements, and bodyweight training, Malcolm achieved the strength and shape he desired and learned some impressive displays of physical dexterity.

As we know, the road to success can be challenging, demanding, and lonely. Malcolm started this journey into calisthenics on his own; with no assistance or anyone to train with, he had to be his own coach, motivator, and supporter. During his journey, he discovered that not many people are aware of calisthenics and its incredible effects on your body.

When people first see someone perform a skill, they are usually shocked and amazed and want to do that themselves but have no idea how to start,” shares Malcolm. “I’ve noticed even more that the younger generation has never been exposed to it, and it’s something cool and exciting they want to do, but they can’t do it if they don’t know it exists,” he further adds.

Having experienced the power of calisthenics for himself, Malcolm is now on a mission to put it on the map and educate others, especially youngsters, about its incredible effects. He runs his own online coaching business, providing one-on-one instructions and programs so anyone worldwide can benefit from his knowledge and experience. Malcolm is also an active content creator on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube, with over half a million followers who benefit from his informational and motivational content.

Malcolm’s work has already helped many people, from beginners to athletes, transform their lives and build the strength they never thought possible. Furthermore, he encourages women to embrace their incredible potential through this form of fitness and does everything to emphasize that this training is open to anyone, regardless of gender.

As someone who started this journey alone, Malcolm’s ultimate mission is to create a strong calisthenics community where people can learn from each other and meet like-minded people to earn support and motivation for their journey.

Want to be a part of his calisthenic community? Visit Malk Calisthenics and embrace a more-than-average life.

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