Here’s Why ÔPTIM Clinic, Owned by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cameron Chesnut, Is Known for Optimized Health Solutions

Most of the time, patients have no option but to go along with standardized medical care in the absence of optimized solutions. Given the constraints imposed by patient characteristics and symptoms, it is important to provide health services with the greatest possible value add to patients. And the frontrunner for such personalized healthcare is OPTIM Clinic, founded by Dr. Cameron Chesnut, MD, a renowned facial plastic surgeon. 

While the majority of medical care providers opt for a ‘one size fits all’ approach, it definitely is a different case with Dr. Chesnut’s OPTIM Clinic which is the hub of customized and optimized solutions. 

Recognized for the best clinical outcomes given to patients, OPTIM Clinic is a regenerative medicine and biohacking facility that takes pride in personalized and customized healthcare. Under the vision of its experienced founder, OPTIM is transitioning the fields of plastic surgical recovery and self-care for good through the use of tailored treatments that target particular attributes unique to each patient. 

Fellowship-trained in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Chesnut has poured his years of experience and training to combine the right procedures together and give each unique person the result they desire. “I have such a micro detailed armamentarium of subtle procedural nuances to offer that many just cannot match,” says Dr. Chesnut, whose innovative approaches have earned him and OPTIM Clinic a valuable reputation, with patients traveling from all over the world for his signature EnigmaLift and VidaLift cosmetic surgical services.

Personalized recovery protocols and functional medicine at OPTIM Clinic provide a genomic blueprint to determine each person’s unique disease susceptibility, define preventive measures, and enable targeted cosmetic and healthcare procedures. Take Dr. Chesnut’s #OPTIMizedLaserCocktail approach for example, where his patients receive a completely customized, unique, and a special cocktail blend of lasers to yield results for the skin that are unmatched anywhere in the world. 

Customized treatment plans, better diagnosis, and more efficient cosmetic surgical procedures – these are some of the promises that the OPTIM team brings to life in the recovery lab. OPTIM Clinic is taking the practice of optimized and personalized medicine to the next level, using sophisticated methods to drive advances in diagnosis, treatment, prediction, and prevention. 

At OPTIM, Dr. Chesnut has developed optimized healthcare as a key area of focus, all the while advancing new discoveries and improving patients’ lives. If you’re looking for optimized treatment plans designed only for you, be sure to visit the website and book a one-to-one consultation.

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