Dr. Ketam Hamdan Leads People to the Tools to Live Happier Lives

During times like today, when we are surrounded left, right, and center with mounting pressures of survival, feeling a sense of loss of control is only natural. It is comforting to know that people of sound knowledge and wisdom are working hard to ensure we live a happier life. There is a mental health crisis, and Dr. Ketam Hamdan uses brain science to aid the process of transformation and reinforce the power of ancient wisdom to heal. She is a savior of humankind, helping lift moods and improve the emotional health of others. Her unique approach to happiness and tools to live fulfilling lives have greatly helped hundreds of clients and thousands of followers.

Of all the popular self-care activities, Dr. Hamdan, also widely known as @brainhealthdoc, believes that journaling is fantastic for healing and helps you self-reflect. To lead a happy life, internal healing of wounds that have cut deep and left their marks is only vital. And when you write, you can process what is inside that we don’t even know exists there. You are able to sort through your thoughts and emotions.

Here are five journal prompts by Dr. Hamdan to help you start the healing journey. Note before you begin writing, set the intention for healing and growth.

  1. Where did you feel safest as a child?
  2. Describe a time you felt unsafe as a child? How did it impact you?
  3. Who hurt you the most in childhood? What do you wish you could tell them now?
  4. What would you tell your younger self now?
  5. What was your favorite thing to do as a child? What is something child-like that you can start doing again? (Jump roping, swimming, play in the mud, hopscotch, going down slides, etc

She recommends answering these questions with patience and ensuring that nothing triggers or upsets you. It can be challenging and traumatizing to open this part of our lives that we most likely have not revisited or discussed. But it is essential to voice them and recognize the pain they cause to heal from them and lead a happier life.

Dr. Hamdan is a licensed therapist and educator who unifies her brain science, psychology, leadership, and spirituality to help people transform into higher versions of themselves. She wears multiple hats. She runs her private practice, Brain Health Center, where she works closely with many influential leaders on their inner journey. She is also the co-founder and Managing Director of Annisa’s Mental Health, a non-profit organization that works with Muslims in crisis.

Dr. Ketam engages with her clients in a series of deep conversations and unconventional questions like the meaning of life or how you want to be remembered when you die and find sustainable happiness inside out, not outside in. She does not give clients the answers; instead, she leads them back to their inner core and helps them discover their own anchors while embarking on the road to recovery.

You can access Dr. Hamdan’s wisdom and valuable insights on psychology, brain science, and inner healing on her Instagram handle @brainhealthdoc or website


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