Rising Against All Odds – An Insight Into Dr. Tashinea Bernadin Inspiring Journey

Some people mature more quickly than others because they are exposed to the harsh realities early in life. They lack a childhood and are molded by circumstances. It is up to them to choose whether they want to work hard and overcome every challenge to alter their fate or stay in the same place for the rest of their lives. Successful physician and content creator, Dr. Tashinea Bernadin overcame all the challenges life threw her way to become the accomplished doctor she is today.

Born to an immigrant father who is of Jamaican descent and teenage mother,  most of her childhood, middle, and high school years were spent living in Section 8 housing with her mother, and sister. They were frequently mocked for their thrifted clothes, general welfare, and food stamp visits. When she started middle school, her father was deported, so he could not make a significant contribution either.

Since her father wasn’t present, her mother had to handle many things by herself. Dr. Bernadin saw how hard it was for her to make ends meet, yet her mother continued pushing her to be the best version of herself. She was also quite strict when she was younger, but she wouldn’t be where she is now if it weren’t for her. 

Given what they were exposed to growing up, she was likely to become a drug dealer or a teen mother; but owing to her mother’s excellent upbringing, she ended up becoming a successful doctor against all probability.

Despite the odds stacked against her, she took the MCAT five times to enter medical school. People around her criticized her for taking the test many times. Undeterred by the doubts of those around her, she was accepted into all five medical schools she applied to, culminating in her successful journey to becoming a doctor.

Dr. Bernadin faced difficulties on the path to motherhood as well. Infertility was a struggle for her. She and her husband visited a fertility doctor and had three IUIs, none of which were successful. They ultimately decided to try IVF, which led to the birth of their beautiful daughter Amira.

Dr. Tashinea has experienced difficulties throughout her life, beginning with her early years, medical school, and motherhood, but she persevered despite everything to become a successful doctor, wife, and mother. 

Using Instagram as her podium, she spreads her wealth of knowledge and experiences, driven by her desire to create a better world. She inspires others to never give up because, in her words, “the sky is the limit.” She wants others to understand that no goal is too big and that they can be attained with hard work.

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