How Megan Laurie Discovered Her True Calling and Became a Globetrotter

There are many around the world who wish to pursue traveling as a full-time job, and why not? Traveling is one of the most fulfilling experiences of a person’s life. However, taking up this challenge is not an easy task and is not for the faint-hearted. Being the remarkably steadfast and persevering woman that she is, six years ago, Meghan Laurie put her foot on the pedal and decided to pursue her lifelong dream of being a travel blogger.

Her experience with tourism boards, ad agencies, and marketing teams helped her build an artistic profile on Instagram that attracted many followers worldwide. This marked the start of Megan’s journey to becoming a full-time traveler. At first, Meghan focused on building an appreciable social media following through consistent and catchy Instagram posts. Mesmerized by the views on her profile, people were soon intrigued to find out more about the face behind these photo stories.

With time Meghan started connecting with her followers more avidly and shared her love for travel more enthusiastically than ever. Her commitment to becoming successful through Instagram was soon followed by an idea to log her travel stories on a website. Hence, soon Megahn started working on developing a website that would allow her to guide people by sharing her own experiences. She made travel guides for all the places she had visited. Meghan shared tips on making the most out of places you’re visiting, which restaurants to eat at, and a guideline for how to travel safely.

Meghan’s advice was being heard worldwide. Her followers were hooked and became a part of all her journeys across continents. With time, Meghan became a highly appreciated travel blogger. Many enjoyed her unique style of sharing her experiences with the world. What helped her stand out was the fact that, unlike many other travel bloggers, Meghan took into account the time and money available to an average person. She did not create guides that required one to become a spendthrift or to have the luxury of limitless time to spare.

Meghan’s time-friendly guides are focused on helping people plan weekend getaways. She gives out suggestions on what transport service to avail to save time, the nearest places to visit, and which activities to be on the lookout for. Her down-to-earth personality and philanthropic nature have been crucial to her success as a travel blogger. Meghan’s life is a vivid example of how beautiful life can be as a traveler.

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