The Power of Storytelling on TikTok for Your Business: TikTok Expert Wave Wyld Explains

What do you think will impact your more — an in-your-face ad, or a compelling story that leaves you wanting more? Definitely the latter, right? This is the power of storytelling.

TikTok is considered the most engaging social media platform, establishing itself as a powerful tool for businesses to grow and engage their audiences. But with over 1 billion monthly members, there are a lot of businesses shouting at users to buy their offers. So how do you cut through the noise and help your business stand out against the rest? TikTok expert and coach, Wave Wyld, says storytelling, and she’s got the success stories to prove it!

Wave has always had a strong passion for amplifying women’s voices by helping them share their stories on TikTok. Wave used her background in personal branding to build her 6-figure TikTok coaching business from the ground up and help aspiring entrepreneurs grow their businesses and find success on TikTok.

Wave champions community over virality — this focuses on building a powerful community of loyal and engaged members who form long-term relationships with your brand. This is the key to growing on TikTok and boosting your sales.

So why do stories work so well? They connect with people, evoking an emotional response. Your audience can relate to you, see the face behind the brand, and connect with you on a human-to-human level. Plus, who doesn’t love a great, inspirational story? By cleverly crafting your story, you can inspire action, encouraging your audience to interact with your brand.

Wave has some great go-tos when it comes to stories about your business that you can share and connect with your audience:

  • What was the idea that started your business?
  • What mistakes have you made in your business and what did you learn from them?
  • What obstacles have you overcome in your business?
  • Who inspires you to keep going when you feel like quitting?
  • Why is your mission important for you?
  • What’s the hardest part about being a business owner?
  • Why is your best-selling product so popular?
  • What inspired your product names?

Wave has used these storytelling content ideas with her clients, helping her +400 clients gain over 5 million followers and earn a total of $19 million in revenue — it’s safe to say she knows what she’s talking about. Here’s what Danielle Troops, one of Wave’s clients, has to say:

“When I first started on TikTok I lacked direction for my content and purpose. I didn’t know how to build a community and develop content that brought them value. Booking a consult with Wave was the best thing I could have done. She helped organize my strategy, content pillars and she gave me a direction and purpose that I could build. Since our consult, my page has grown over 60K followers in just a couple months, and I now have a highly engaged community.”

Master the art of storytelling and you could see your business boom on TikTok. To help you, Wave Wyld has a TikTok storytelling masterclass that teaches you everything you need to know, plus gives you inspirational story formats to get the creative juices flowing.

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Wave Wyld is a TikTok marketing expert, helping her clients grow a community of followers on TikTok. Her services range from creating the brand on TikTok, increasing the organic following, engaging the audience, and using customer engagement to generate profit and further growth. Wave Wyld offers various courses on coaching, brand consulting, and speaking services based around the use of TikTok for marketing. She seeks to educate her clients about the foundation of TikTok in addition to imparting necessary tricks to become viral so they can benefit from the true potential of the platform. A detail of her services is available at
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