Director of Catering HQ Steve Sidd is Here to Give a Little Peek Inside of his Business

Clubs catering to different niches are a big part of the Australian hospitality domain, serving interests like sports, gambling, winery, and more. Steve Sidd is a significant name among Australian hospitality entrepreneurs, who has changed the face of many failing clubs with his innovative strategies, firm business ethics, and a vision to provide one-in-a-kind service to customers.

Sidd began his journey as a restaurant owner at the age of 18. Hailing from a family of restaurant owners, Sidd realized the importance of an effective business plan and personal involvement in a business. These values not only made his restaurant a success, but also became a precursor in opening more restaurants and acquiring catering for many high-end clubs in Australia. Sidd realized that many clubs in Australia focus on gambling, bars, and other recreational aspects, ignoring catering. He based his strategy around ensuring a slow yet sure change in the catering practices around different clubs.

Having a knack for transforming a wreck of a business into a rising sensation, Sidd expanded his business under the label of Catering HQ. This venture provides catering services for different venues and occasions, organizing a quality experience for the clients. Catering HQ can accommodate any budget and vision that the client has in mind without compromising the high standards that they have set. They have over 40 event spaces, 350 plus employees, and 26 dining concepts, including rustic cafés to authentic Asian cuisines, serving about 6000 people on a daily basis.

Sidd despises the idea of his business converting into another franchise, where the owner is a faceless entity limited to a shiny office in a skyscraper. He believes in hands-on involvement in every club and restaurant he undertakes, giving time to every small and big thing. This also enables him to establish a good relationship with the working force.

According to Sidd, the food business thrives on a connection, be it with the client or the employees. That is why Catering HQ has started the amazing initiative of allowing its workers to become shareholders in the company, taking everyone together in this uphill journey of growth.

Catering HQ also provides consultation services, irrespective of the scale of your club or restaurant. Be it a grand hotel in Singapore or a tavern on a Greek Island, Catering HQ has served them all, building a global reputation as well. Their software “Hospitality Genie” has further solidified the game by streamlining the otherwise difficult administrational aspects of the hospitality business, allowing more room for involvement in other aspects. In recognition of their efforts to boost the Australian hospitality business, Catering HQ has been acknowledged with several awards and nominations like Winner Clubs NSW Best Club Restaurant.

Sidd plans to help more businesses by expanding the functions of their software and providing more consultation services. More importantly, Sidd wants to maintain his policies of an effective business plan and personal involvement in coming projects, given the success of his past endeavors.

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