Kique Gomez’s Journey as a Young Rising Musician Is an Inspiration for Many

Success doesn’t come easy; it requires consistent hard work, dedication, and a strong will to achieve your goals. Kique, amusician and one of the finalists of “The Voice,” is a role model for all the youngsters who want to follow their dreams, yet the thought of failure stops them. 

With his unfortunate yet memorable exit from The Voice, as he tested positive for COVID, he has set an example to always look at the brighter side of any situation. Music is the driving force in Kique’s life, and he has a beautiful voice that can attract anyone. He believes his success is just the beginning of what he wants to achieve in his musical career. 

For every young musician, “The Voice” is a dream platform to showcase their talent and kickstart their careers. The show has been running for 22 years, giving many aspiring music artists recognition. However, for Kique, the journey was slightly different. Despite the popularity and support he received from the crowd and the fans of the show, the midway exit was heartbreaking for him, his coach, and his fans. But what matters is that it didn’t shatter his spirit. Until the last moment, he performed and turned it into a happy ending and a beautiful start to bigger and better opportunities. 

During his time in The Voice, Kique developed a heartwarming bond with his coach Gwen Stefani, a well-known musician. Like everyone, Gwen was also extremely upset about Kique’s controversial end. She left a message for Kique on Twitter that said, kiqueeeeee, I can’t even begin to describe how proud I am of u superstar !!! ur always gonna be #TeamGwen in my book. ilysm @kique_gomez_ gx #TheVoice.”

To make more and more people listen to his music, Kique uses his social media presence and tries to connect with his fans. He has around 25k followers on Instagram and 7k on TikTok, and the numbers grow every day. He has a set goal to make music his primary source of income. The talented young musician takes the opportunity very seriously and tries to give his best, making him stand out on The Voice.

At such a young age, Kique has received immense love and appreciation for his melodious voice. He was well-loved by the staff and judges on The Voice, and gradually they all became his family. His experience on The Voice is something that has helped him show his real self and improve his art form. Click here to learn more about him and get updates on his upcoming music.

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