Jim Becker- A Multi-Million Dollar Business Owner Who Exudes Enthusiasm, Perseverance, and Dynamism

In the year 1997, Jim Becker came across an unforeseen chance to change his life; he knew there and then that serendipity was at work. Becker could not let this window of opportunity slide by; hence, he left his job as a purchasing manager at Norix group and decided to endeavor on starting his own business. That same year, Jim started his company “Becker Logistics“- soon to be one of the top 100 third-party logistics providers in North America.

Jim built his business around core values that reflected his outlook on life. Other than promoting quality, competitiveness, safety, and innovation, Jim made efforts to endorse respect, openness, and an equal work-life balance. He proselytizes his employees into developing similar ethics to build a collaborative work environment.

After receiving a certificate in Mergers and Acquisitions from the University of Chicago-Booth, Jim went to Northwestern University for Leadership and Organizational Behaviorism. From the very start, Jim Becker had a stalwart focus on strategic market growth and business process improvements. Combined with his skills and flair for public speaking, Jim Becker was an amalgamation of everything one requires to become a successful businessman.  

Jim Becker’s success story was soon making rounds across the country. Nonetheless, the fear of failure continued to haunt him. He would spend his time in apprehension and failed to acknowledge the milestones his company had achieved in a short period of time. All this changed in a flash when in 2009, Jim Becker pledged to recondition his belief system. Since then, Jim has made it his life motto to live fearlessly.

Within a few years, Jim’s dedication, hard work, and diligence led the company to grow exponentially. His conscientiousness was second to none; Becker was constantly making efforts to make his company bigger and better.

At present, Becker Logistics is on its way to achieving a net worth of $200 million. The company has two offices strategically located domestically in the Chicago western suburbs and Jacksonville, FL, also having satellite offices in the Philippines and Medellin, Colombia which serves clients throughout the United States and in and out of Canada. By the year 2023, Jim Becker plans to expand his cap-table and invite investors to infuse capital into their growing efforts. 

Jim has succeeded in building a unique relationship with his employees and clients. He upholds values that promote long-term and mutually benefiting relationships. “When it comes to integrity, our team knows that being honest is the right thing to do,” says Jim Becker. He is a role model for all those who are looking to succeed in the cutthroat world of business. 

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