How Sean Wilson, a Florida Based Music Content Creator, Is Setting an Example for Musicians

Setting an example in this highly competitive world is only possible if you have a unique niche to help you push forward. Finding a field that is perfectly suited to your business can help you make your name in the profession, gain a loyal number of followers and recognition among others. However, identifying that perfect field might take a lot of work, especially in music, but passion and love for music can help you succeed in the music realm. 

For leading music coach and content creator Sean Wilson, it was perhaps his endless love for music coupled with his passion for teaching and an obsession with technology that shaped his career as a thriving musician— inspiring thousands today.

Growing up in a musical family, Sean has always been passionate about music. He is currently a Florida-based content creator using his knowledge and influence to educate aspiring musicians about the fundamentals of music. He is the founder of an online website, Sean Wilson Piano, and a music content creator on YouTube with 71k followers. On both his social media platforms, he teaches musicians to play piano by ear, primarily focusing on inspiring musicians to play gospel or jazz songs and helping them overcome music-related challenges. Despite having no formal music training, he is still considered one of the most exceptional musicians working hard to bridge the gap between the logical and rational elements of music and guiding people through the process of playing music by ear.

As a musician, Sean believes this art form is all about connecting with others, sharing emotions, and expressing oneself. Furthermore, he has introduced a new approach to learning music to address the struggles of developing musicians. He shares some of his transcriptions and insights about learning piano on his YouTube channel. His musical insights can also be availed through music lessons available on his website. Many musicians have turned to his channel or coaching sessions to learn notes and complex musical rules. 

While many musicians in the industry work hard to share knowledge, not many focus on ear training and songs that do not have sheet music.  But Sean does it differently to facilitate learning. He says, “I focus on finding and showing the notes to a song, which is based on something we musicians called transcription. My channel transcribes songs for musicians and explains what I have gained from the process. During the process, I usually end by explaining how to play what the musician played, why it works, and how they can do something similar in their own song.”

Sean’s endless work in developing musicians and incorporating digital technology into the musical world has made him an outstanding figure. As a music coach, he is filling the void in the current music world by providing his expertise to people around the globe. With a passion for sharing his love for music, he advocates the importance of ear music education, which he believes is the secret of a trained musician. He also advises schools and colleges to introduce an ear training program as this would retain the love and passion for learning music among students.

There is no denying the fact that Sean’s teachings have simplified chords and theory, enabling musicians to save time and improve their craft. He is truly an inspiring music mentor who paves the way for fellow musicians to achieve success and perfection. 

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