Dog Breeder and Influencer Mo Shaikh Explains Why You Should Never Stop Dreaming

Dreaming is the most independent and courageous thing one can do. A dream is a hyperdrive to the world where you live your passion and enjoy the life you never had. However, Mo Shaikh believes that dreaming is bridging the gap between imagination and reality. To him, it’s a moment of reckoning what exactly you want in your life and a first step in the direction of your goals.

“Dreams are whispers of your inner self that’s telling you what to do,” says Mo.

But do we follow the whispers? The answer will largely be a ‘no’. For some reason, it’s commonly observed that people brag about their big dreams but practically do exactly the opposite of achieving them. Mo expresses that it’s because following dreams come at the expense of sacrificing something we hold dear. It can be our binge-watching, playing or watching sports, frequent friendly get-togethers, or anything else.

But despite how cruel and unjust the sacrifice may seem today, one should never forget that the fruits it bears will be completely worth all the efforts. Mo sacrificed one thing that is traditionally considered a backbone for a successful career. But with diligent work and discipline, he upended many conventional beliefs.

“I skipped college education after high school in order to hunt what I wanted,” Mo reveals. “People laughed at my decision at the time, and I won’t blame them because we are taught that without completing school, college, and then university, our careers are doomed. I might have become something after college or university, but certainly not something I had always wanted… always dreamed.” 

He adds the fun fact in the last that those who did complete their university degrees are currently offering their expertise in specific departments at the companies he created. “Wouldn’t you call it a success?” asks Mo wryly.

Born in an immigrant family suffering from financial constraints, Mo now owns three prospering businesses in different industries. Starting from a cellular retail business, he is a renowned figure in dog breeding and real estate industries. Having established successful ventures, he plans to expand and grow each of them to the next level in the future.

If we trace the roots of Mo’s success, we will find them to be deeply entrenched in his dreams. To succinctly put, he could achieve all the name and fame because he never stopped believing in himself and in his dreams. That’s the reason he stresses one should never ever, come what may, stop dreaming.

“It’s OK if it is taking some time, it is OK to feel frustrated, and it is also OK if you are currently unable to achieve your goals. Keep them in your crosshair, and one day you will see the magic unraveling right in front of your eyes,” concluded Mo.

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