How Princess April Is Helping Empower Novice Asian Creators

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many horrors, including a rise in racially driven crimes against Asian Americans. Many closed minded people believed that Asian Americans caused the covid (because of its origin in China), resulting in multiple incidents ranging from horrific slur-calling to mass shootings targeting the Asian population. COVID-19 cases may have diminished with time, but the hate-mongering is still potent. 

Many Asian Americans have expressed their concerns. At such a precarious time, it is even more important to amplify the voices of Asian creators and influencers. In this regard, Asian-American model and content creator Princess April is a significant figure. With her bold online and in-person persona, April is voicing her presence and supporting a community of other Asian creators.

Growing up in a small town in California, April experienced a sense of community with her family and friends. Not belonging to a privileged family and watching her family and friends working hard to make it in the system motivated her to reach great heights against all odds and microaggression. People around her provided the necessary motivation and sense of solidarity as April began to tackle practical life.

April began her career as a model, flourishing as a car and adult model, cosplayer, and content creator. As a car model, she got to work in mega events like Ark Movement and Hotpot Autofest, highlighting their vehicles with her magnetic personality. As an adult model, she has been appreciated by an organic following on TikTok, Instagram, and OnlyFans, while also becoming a creator on Playboy Centerfold.

Despite these significant career milestones, April has carried a sense of community from her childhood, reflected in her celebration of fellow Asian creators and models. As an experienced model with profound industry knowledge, she has mentored several Asian content creators and influencers, giving them the necessary shoutouts and sharing their newest content with her followers. April is a very active member of the Asian Creative Community and enjoys producing appealing collaborative content with her fellow members. She often travels with her fellow Asian models, featuring them in her short sensual videos.

These may seem like trivial efforts, but standing together and magnifying all Asian voices is imperative when hate campaigns are active against the Asian American community. April is aware of the necessity of making her community’s voice mainstream so that more and more people realize the presence and importance of Asian lives. Growing up with a loving support circle has also made her highly grateful, with a desire to help more people grow.

It is vital to appreciate platforms and creators who are talking about the Asian American experience in modeling and other industries. Princess April’s unapologetic support of her community proves that unified efforts can help pave the way for the coming generations.

Check April’s website for more information on her current and future ventures.

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