July 25, 2024

Meet the Young and Imaginative Fashion Influencer Nikita Karizma

Here’s the thing about this new generation of self-made artists: they don’t shy away from self-expression through creation, and they still want to tackle some of life’s more challenging issues. Fashion is a solitary high-wire act for these young, dynamic designers, from all corners of the globe, where the only way to look ahead is forward: in terms of gender identity, craft, representation, community, sustainability, and, last but not least, producing absolutely exciting and bold fashion pieces.

Nikita Karizma is an excellent example of what hard work, personality, and passion can produce. After graduating with a first-class degree from the London College of Fashion in 2011, Nikita immediately caught the fashion industry’s attention. Her graduate collection was so successful in its individuality that it paved the way for her first official press request as a fashion designer…for Lady Gaga!

Everyone wants to know what the brilliant young woman had to say about her collections, working with celebrities, and most importantly, what’s next, since her ‘pieces of art’ like creations have been in the spotlight for so long. Upon talking about her graduation collection, Nikita shares that she hadn’t been on the fashion scene for very long; her graduation collection just pushed her into the shining limelight of the fashion industry and a highly talented emerging designer.

Nikita’s support system at home has always been solid, coming from a family that has distinguished engagement in fashion. Her parents’ stature in the fashion industry has lent Nikita a great advantage to start her own designer brand ‘Nikita Karizma.’ Although Nikita has learned a great deal from her parents, it helped her understand the business side of the fashion industry; however, her designs and styles are very distinguished from her parents’ work. She has created her own style, made her own path, and established her own identity in the competitive fashion world.

Today, Nikita is a well-known designer in the celebrities and influencers’ world. Loved by many, her design made it to the wardrobe of Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, and many more. The British-Indian designer prefers to oversee her work from her London office to work closely with her talented team and create fashion masterpieces.

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