May 21, 2024

Meet Silvia Doomra – A Database Privacy Expert with a Decade of Experience in the Tech Industry

Silvia Doomra is a thought leader in the tech space industry with over 15 years of collective experience.Once a software engineer, she now leads the technological space with her innovation, expertise, and knowledge.

Having been born and raised in Jalalabad, Punjab, India, Silvia always had a keen interest in maths. Her amazing grades enrolled her into a boarding school in Chandigarh known as D.A.V Model. Soon after, she attained the IT Engineering (BE) bachelor’s degree from one of the top colleges in India, Punjab Engineering College (DU), Chandigarh and went on to work as a software engineer.

Her first role involved working as a Software Development Engineer in Test in RDS Remote Desktop Services (RDS) for Microsoft. She built many features for RDS Licensing and handled different compatibility issues for applications for environments requiring Remote Desktop working. Due to her contributions, the tech space has now been revolutionized.  She also went on to author MSDN blogs for her research on RDS Application compatibilities and was considered POC for Microsoft Valued Projects.

During her time with Microsoft, she formed several improvement concepts, which significantly resulted in reducing the execution time for virtual jobs from 2.5 days to 1.5 days whilst also managing a virtual team of over 12 people (six in China and six  in the US). There she was responsible for completing weekly stress drive tests, conducting weekly training to ensure candidates were on the same track, and designing various data structures for reporting analysis, which evidently resulted in her becoming the Senior Program Manager for Microsoft in Azure SQL Database Elastic Tools.

Soon after, she moved to  Amazon Web Services,as Senior Product Manager. During her role, Silvia used her experience from Microsoft in Desktop remote tracking whilst working closely with the engineering teams to ensure that proper tracking methods were being implemented effectively.

In addition, Silvia also managed different business development projects and relationships with clients from a local to a global scale, crafted various business growth plans, and launched several  new features for AWS DMS sources.

Today, Silvia is a Technical Program Manager for Meta in Privacy Infrastructure. With a career spanning almost two decades, she has learned and introduced several database security practices and privacy infrastructure practices, fundamentally creating the core grounds for businesses and privacy commitments that have bolstered their product launch steps.

The accomplishments of Silvia Doomra are numerous. From launching a Data Residency Program for Microsoft so that its teams across the globe effectively meet its database requirements to inaugurating the Azure Resource Move. She also introduced many features for Amazon PostgreSQL and helped in the certifications of shipment and products across the globe for Microsoft. Silvia has been limitless in her contributions to the tech space world.

Want to read more about Silvia Doomra? Check out her Website or Linkedin for updates on Privacy structure and database security.

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