Why Metabolic Mentor Vince Pitstick Left Comfortable Medical Sales Job and Started Health Entrepreneurship as a Career

There are a few things that present a pleasant sight staying stagnant – a human is none of them. The reason we don’t grow roots is we’re meant to keep moving forward (of course, a more logical reason would be ‘we are not trees,’ per se). Advancement, progression, and constant evolution have got humans at the peak of science and technology today. Vince Pitstick got what he worked for, but he didn’t settle for it. He had bigger dreams to pursue.

He had been through a lot before landing in Metagenics to pursue a professional career as a functional medicine consultant. Growing up in a divorced home, having witnessed domestic violence, from battling obsessive-compulsive disorder to beating drug addiction, he finally had a comfortable medical sales job where he could have a life many dream about.

But Vince had other things in mind. He felt he could use his expertise in functional medicine to do something better, something bigger. As he had first-hand experience with the health system during his recovery from drug addiction, he knew we could do better than that. Plus, his passion for fitness and health coaching got the better of him and compelled him to change the track.

Thus, in 2012, Nutrition Dynamic emerged as a new and advanced fitness and health coaching company with Vince in the driving seat. Initially, the company had only six clients and an office in the back of the chiropractic office. However, today, it is an entire community of doctors, dieticians, nurses, and health and fitness coaches, totaling 60 staff. Apart from that, it has an ever-growing worldwide client base of 1000.

The company provides one-on-one coaching services, and many of its programs remain peerless among other competitors. It has treated/helped thousands of clients in the past and become a part of their success stories.

Another reason Vince left his previous job betrays his altruistic ambitions. Amidst the growing threat of lifestyle-related diseases catching 70% of the world population by the next 8-10 years, Vince is confident that health coaching is a befitting solution to crippling the brewing threat even before its advent. That’s why he has expedited his efforts to spread awareness about health coaching and educate the populace on the imminent dangers and how we can prevent them.

Besides that, under project #The1in100, Vince is busy producing a legion of health coaches, following his vision to have one health coach for one person. Metabolic Mentor University, led by Vince, is currently facilitating the process.

It is a fact that there is no limit to achieving what one wants. However, stagnancy creates a comfort zone around us that, with time, grows so strong and impenetrable that we feel impossible to come out of it. But Vince has shown beyond doubt that if your dreams are big and selfless, you have all you need to be an achiever.

Vince’s Instagram: @Vince_Pitstick

Nutrition Dynamic Instagram: @Nutrition_Dynamic

Metabolic Mentor University Instagram: @MetabolicMentorUniversity

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