What Made Dr. Ross Blagg Interested in Plastic Surgery and Art: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

When Ross was just 14-years-old, he announced to his family and peers that he wanted to be a plastic surgeon. Often, teenagers may purport a career as their future, but often change their minds or lose interest. No Dr. Ross. He was a congenital heart disease survivor and had a natural ability for painting and drawing and loved science and nature. To him, plastic surgery would offer him a way to combine all the things he loved and to help people.

Ross also had a fascination with the ocean and all things aquatic. He started SCUBA diving at only 13, and by the time could order a drink at a bar, he had already started diving with sharks. Today, you’ll find a great white tattooed on Dr. Ross’ left bicep, a commemoration of his free water dive with great white sharks. Needless to say, aside from an artist and scientist, Dr. Ross is also an adventurer at heart.

During college, medical school, and residency he continued traveling the globe as much as he could and found a love for adventure philanthropy–the concept of adventurous travel with helping others or the Earth. While living in Australia for a semester in college, he worked with the group Reef Check, monitoring the Great Barrier Reef for bleaching. He also volunteered at a local assisted-living village. “I used to visit this older lady who ended up teaching me a lot about life,” he remembers. “She felt she hadn’t quite finished living her potential before she became disabled. I would be at her place chatting, changing light bulbs or whatever, and suddenly she’d start shooing me out of her place. ‘Get out of here! You don’t need to spend any more time on this day with an old lady. Go grab life by the kahunas!’” And it seems that Dr. Ross has been doing just that for a long time!

Still in his youth, Dr. Ross has already impacted so many lives and traveled the world. And his most recent project, Plastic Surgery Road Trip (PSRT),  combines all the things he loves. Prior to the pandemic, Dr. Ross routinely took adventure philanthropy to a new level, traveling the world on surgical missions, while simultaneously exploring and diving his way through uncharted regions. When the pandemic closed the borders, he turned to his own country. “I just decided to set out in the US to find people who needed plastic surgery. And in the vein of adventure philanthropy, I wanted to travel and to explore while I did it,” Dr. Ross recalls.

Plastic Surgery Road Trip is a docuseries that involves Dr. Ross, and a buddy, road-tripping across the US to find deserving people with amazing stories who need plastic surgery to help complete their journeys. Along the way, he and friends create lasting memories as they explore the nooks and crannies of American life.  For example, if someone wanted to lose weight and eventually did, but it has caused them redundant skin that needs to be removed, Dr. Ross is the man who comes to the rescue. But before he delivers the plastic surgery makeover, he’s going to dive into the adventurous possibilities located near where the patient lives. Hence, Plastic Surgery Road Trip combines all his favorite things, and seems to sum up his initiative in the world.

PSRT is an adventurous venture that serves a bigger cause. Follow along on the YouTube channel, and if you want to join Dr. Ross Blagg on this life-changing journey, he is waiting for you just here! And follow the daily adventures of Dr. Ross on Instagram: @dr.rossblagg

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