What Led Ex-inmate Kardell Sims to Become a Re-Entry Consultant and a Certified Coach after Being behind the Bars for So Long

Learning from experience can be tough; it may even frighten or weaken us, but it can also make us stronger. Experiences shape and depict who we are. The success that comes after such personal development is sweeter than any other achievement. A real paragon, in this regard, is Kardell Sims who has transformed his prison life experience into an inspiration for individuals facing similar issues.

Being a visionary entrepreneur, Kardell takes pride in sharing his prison time, his struggle to put an end to repetitive crime mentality, and his journey of reintegrating back into society as an inspiring and successful individual. He is currently operating Kardell Sims Enterprises LLC, a re-entry consultant business where he works with both current and former prisoners to prepare them for a strong transition and a successful journey back into society.

After shuffling between prison time, parole, and probation for almost twenty years, Kardell stepped out of his last prison term with a mindset to make a difference. He had finally decided to put an end to reoffending so he got to work. Aside from working at two jobs, getting a life coaching diploma and certification, and writing books, he started a non-profit organization to give back to the community and restore the neighborhood he had helped destroy.

Under the altruistic vision of the founder, North Org. is thriving towards its major goal – to enrich, educate and encourage individuals to set their life on the right path and fulfill their destinies.

However, the life coach was all the more determined to prevent the youth from walking down the dark road of crime. After consulting a friend, Kardell started out as a re-entry consultant helping formerly incarcerated individuals in their integration back into society. The prison coach also takes pride in mentoring youth toward the right path and steering them away from prison life and its outcomes.

Without a doubt, the first-hand experiences of individuals who’ve been involved with the justice system contain much more wisdom than any. So do Kardell’s. Visit his YouTube channel here to get a glimpse of some of the best evidence-based practices that can help individuals sidestep the life of crime and get on the right track.

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