Visionary Leah Eber Wants You to Embark upon the Cathartic Journey of Physical and Mental Rebirth

The overall health of a person depends on both physical and mental well-being. If either of the two deteriorates, the other does so too simultaneously. It is essential to find the right balance and cater to your body’s needs per its demands. Fitness and wellness coach Leah Eber is well-versed in physical and mental health matters and is here to take you on a journey to get acquainted with these ideas.

Inspiring Leah Eber graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University. She is nationally certified in health, wellness, and nutrition. In addition to this, she is also a certified personal trainer and weight loss specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

From her extensive experience, Leah has learned that change needs to come from within because you cannot see a difference in your physical appearance without that. She acknowledges that the journey towards wellness is not merely physical; you must also consider mental and emotional health. She says, “Most people think of health as a physical journey. But it’s equally mental and emotional.” If your mental health is disturbed, it can easily lead to physical problems like headaches, insomnia, and overall fatigue, which creates a lack of motivation.

When working with clients, Leah focuses on the diet and exercise parts of the health routine, emphasizing underlying issues at a deeper level. She looks into many aspects of the client’s mental and emotional standing, like stress management, eating habits, social health, everyday routines, and attitude toward themselves. She says, “Once I get to know my clients and truly understand them and their personal and specific needs, that’s how I can best help them!”

Leah works on her incentive of helping others find their true potential through her own venture, Life with Leah; she states, “My goal is to help as many people as possible.” Through her online venture, she wants to reform the ideals of what healthy looks like and present them with a wholesome and stable foundation.

To learn more about Leah Eber’s initiative, Life with Leah, follow her on Instagram.

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