This Is How Will Tang’s, ‘Going Awesome Places’ Can Make Your Next Trip Hassle-Free and Memorable

Traveling can be a fun and incredible experience when done right. Taking care of little bits can change the direction of your whole trip, making it less stressful and unforgettable. Gone are the days when visiting one or two overcrowded landmarks equaled great traveling. Now, you have many travel guides from experienced travelers, listing fun activities, must-visit local festivities, things to avoid, and more. You can have a fulfilling experience in a place without extra worry.

Will Tang is one such travel blogger. His travel brand Going Awesome Places, is a product of his love and passion for traveling.  Will left his corporate job to become a full-time traveler, blogger, video producer, writer, and more. The best thing about Going Awesome Places travel guides is that they come from Will’s first-hand experiences.

This is how Will’s Going Awesome Places can make your next trip easy and extraordinary:

In-depth itineraries

Are you considering taking an RV trip across the country or hiking Machu Picchu? Going Awesome Places has all the guidelines you need to make the most of your trip. Will believes in sharing his travel adventure story, recalling the trip’s start, middle, and end like a good storyteller. These stories are enriched with all his tips, mistakes, and things he wishes to improve on his his next trip, including his latest 10 day Patagonia itinerary. The smallest detail in these itineraries can help you avoid unpleasant surprises, with a beautiful travel narrative serving as the cherry on top.


It is not easy to finance your daily expenses while saving for traveling on the side. Being perfectly aware of this fact, Will cites places and activities that are both pocket-friendly and fun. Several of his guides extensively discuss how to keep costs low and use secret travel hacking techniques such as – the Bora Bora on a Budget article will guide you on how to save money. He is not a traveler looking for the next luxury hotel to recommend but the kind of blogger that is genuinely interested in telling you the nitty gritty details for your next trip.

Working with helpful brands

 Going Awesome Places has also worked with several brands, bringing useful sources to light. They have worked with brands like Peak Design, Toyota, Tahiti Tourisme, Globus, Hotel Las Torres, and more. Will knows the responsibility he has when recommending a product or working on a trip with a brand. Hence, he gives honest reviews, not just sharing why a product, destination, or experience is great but also where it can be improved.

Travel gear tips and reviews

On the topic of products, Will’s blog also features several recommendations for travel gear and products that could improve your traveling experience. Looking forward to taking pictures of the incredible white snowy landscape in winter, but the cold has numbed your hands? Will realizes the gravity of the issue and recommends gloves that keep your hands warm and cozy as you click away on your camera. Will can also refer to some great outdoor camping gear to facilitate your next camping adventure. There are countless other travel gear that Will has reviewed, all with one purpose in mind: to make your next trip uncomplicated.

These are just some aspects in which Going Awesome Places can help you. There is much more and you can find it on Going Awesome Places’ Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to make your next trip awesome.

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