The Anti-financial Advisor Vittorio Rigato on Making Mistakes, Stoicism, and Investment in Today’s Age

Investment in today’s world is a tricky and often chaotic endeavor. Knowing which resource to trust can be challenging with so much information available online. This is where Vittorio Rigato steps in. He is one of the biggest investment coach from Europe and the founder of Stoic Money – an organization dedicated to educating and helping people make wiser investment decisions by becoming confident investors in the stock market.

Vittorio is indeed one of the most inventive coaches on the market today. His unique and unconventional approach to investing sets him apart from the crowd. He encourages investors to focus on their long-term goals and build a roadmap from them rather than what the market is telling them or trying to sell them. This helps keep people grounded during times of uncertainty and enables them to make well-informed decisions based on their values and long-term objectives instead of short-term trends.

Vittorio provides invaluable insights into the investment world and a different perspective on life. His wisdom is rooted in Stoicism, an ancient philosophy that teaches one to focus on their inner world rather than external circumstances. He encourages people to slow down, think before acting, and make decisions that have positive long-term effects instead of quick gains.

Vittorio started without a mentor and faced major drawbacks in investing his money. He describes the feeling of getting started with investing in one word: “overwhelming.”

Indeed, even by studying the financial markets at Frankfurt School and London Business School during his Master’s in Finance and Management, he quickly realized that to become a great investor, he had to gain experience in the field.

By going on his own, he made many beginner mistakes that cost him a lot of money. Only after seven years of a trial and error approach, did he finally discover the perfect formula for investing successfully.

Between 2015 and 2022, Vittorio gained 11% on the 7-figure portfolio of his family, multiplying the portfolio’s value in the timeframe. In the meantime, he made sure to pay attention to any risks to the portfolio. “Recognizing that a market crash was imminent at the end of 2021, I adjusted the portfolio strategy to minimize losses,” says Vittorio.

This strategy paid off well when the market crashed in 2022, and Vittorio gained 2% in the same year, which implies that he outperformed the market by 21%.

Currently, Vittorio is driven by a mission to help 1,000 employees and professionals reach financial freedom. As part of this mission, Vittorio offers goal-oriented coaching programs that have already assisted hundreds of individuals in achieving their investment goals.

Vittorio always emphasizes the importance of being comfortable with mistakes. He understands every investment strategy needs to be revised, and even the most experienced investors can occasionally miss the mark. He motivates people to take control of their emotions, learn from their mistakes, and use them as opportunities for growth rather than allowing them to become a source of discouragement.

Stoicism teaches us to be in control of our emotions, both for negative and positive things happening in our life, and this is exactly what we need to do with our investment: be in control of our emotions,” – says Vittorio.

He also believes people need to break away from conventional investing methods, as these strategies are geared solely toward enriching the financial advisors rather than helping the investor achieve financial freedom or growth.

Vittorio’s primary goal is to help people make informed decisions based on their own values and goals. His approach is one of awareness, understanding, and careful consideration. Being the victim of traditional investment strategies and unreliable financial advisors, Vittorio wants to empower individuals to take control of their finances and make sound decisions. According to Vittorio, you are the only person who wants the best for your money and no one else.

This is why his coaching program focuses on giving his students the knowledge, strategy, and mindset to build up a long-term strategy for Financial Freedom.

After working with more than 100 beginner investors worldwide, Vittorio strongly believes that anyone can become financially free, as long as they make the right investment choices and, most importantly, are patient enough to see the results of their actions.

If you are looking for an anti-financial advisor who understands current market situations, has a different perspective, and is inclined to make you financially independent, Vittorio is a perfect choice. Visit his website, Stoic Money, today to learn more about his services and coaching program.

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