Starting as a Talk Show Host to Founding a Media Production Company – A Look into John Vizaniaris’ Inspiring Journey

The horror genre is a fairly underrated classification of film and television shows. Not many people consider it note-worthy, despite the gripping characters, hair-raising moments, and spine-tingling storytelling. It was perhaps for this reason, and partly due to his passion for the genre that John Vizaniaris decided to create a talk show directed at films and shows from this category.

Aptly named Dead Talk Live, the talk show has gained quite a fan base since its inception in the year 2020. Many people on social media do talk shows, yet none have managed to reach the level of success John has with his project. From actors starring in The Walking Dead, to House of the Dragon, to directors and writers of various films and television shows, Dead Talk Live has seen a plethora of interesting individuals sitting down with John. Actor, writer, and director Lew Temple gave his opinion about Dead Talk Live, saying:, “I really enjoyed my discussion with John V. on Dead Talk Live. I found his questions to be well thought out and enlightening for his audience. John is able to keep the conversation engaging and makes the time with him feel as comfortable as talking with an old friend.”

If, at times, when there is no guest available to conduct an interview with, John simply goes on with the show. He has an excellent plan to fall back on, where he talks about upcoming films, shows, and whatever else might be headlining the world of horror. He makes sure to keep his listeners and fans updated with the latest news and information.

With the success of his Television talk show, John decided to create his own Entertainment Media Production and Distribution Company by the name of Dead Talk Media. An independent content distributor, the company aims to launch new film and television products on the largest Digital Streaming Platforms Worldwide, such as Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV, and Google Play.

John has also started CineXposè, a virtual horror film festival where anyone can contribute to the horror genre by simply submitting their film with the chance to win grand prizes.

With no background in the Entertainment Industry and learning through trial and error, John has certainly managed to create a name for himself. His hard work has borne fruit since he is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) as well as The Producers Guild of America, a feat that is by no means an easy one, given how tough it can be to find one’s footing in show business. His journey to success will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration to those who wish to make their start in the entertainment industry. John has proven that if you are passionate and put your mind to what you believe in, you can attain your objective and make your vision a reality.

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