Setting the Bar High for Fashionpreneurs: Reni Abina Puts Nigerian Fashion Business in the Spotlight

In 2015, the Nigerian fashion industry was just getting started and faced major challenges, such as a lack of structure, government support, and ease of doing business. And just when things were starting to look up, Covid-19 hit the world, and the industry took a hit. It was a bumpy road, but Reni Abina’s determination and business savvy kept her pushing forward.

The e-commerce scene in Nigeria was lacking and many shoppers were not used to shopping via websites. At the time, payment methods were inadequate, and logistical hurdles were a nightmare. Building a successful online brand from scratch seemed like a fool’s idea.

Despite the odds and with £400 in hand, Reni Abina’s entrepreneurial mindset was ready to take on what was coming. She started by designing unique statement pieces locally to fill the gaps in Nigeria’s local fashion market. Through social media and word of mouth, international customers quickly noticed her unique statement pieces, which boldly add to one’s unique personality. This attention resulted in her receiving her first bulk of international orders in May 2020, after the launch of Rendoll’s official website.

The Rendoll journey is nothing short of inspiring, showcasing Reni’s unwavering resilience and professional approach to tackling the challenges she faced along the way. Initially, the problem she talked about that came along with her first international orders was the high international shipping cost. Hard to manage, right? Even harder was the part when receiving payment from the customers was problematic too. The channel used was TransferWise or WorldRemit, and CBN’s warning to Nigerians concerning their use of TransferWise and Azimo to send money back home was the icing on the cake.

Two hands and multiple reigns, one head, and so many hats: Reni Abina took over most of the roles in Rendoll as it was not in the position to have a proper in-house team. Talking about the potential issues she may face in a day, she said that it could be hours of being stuck in traffic from the shippers to the production house and finding out that the fabric was wrong. Or it could be the final product that is quality compromised.

Adding to the list of potential problems, she said, “I’m dealing with numerous dispatch riders who have chosen to put the burden of finding a customer’s address on me, the sender, as opposed to doing their actual jobs. In the middle of this, there can be power cuts, and the generator chooses not to work. Sometimes it’s really a lot to handle. But if there’s one thing about me, I will always find a solution even if I cry from my frustration first.”

With a six-figure yearly revenue, Reni’s fashion brand Rendoll is competing in the global market with its very practical and bold statement pieces. To sum it up, Reni Abina’s journey in the fashion industry has been nothing short of inspiring. Her innovative approach to business has paved the way for other entrepreneurs to follow.



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