Business Is Becoming an Instagram Celebrity, All Thanks to H Due

A cat-lebrity with an ear-resistibly cute face, has turned into an internet sensation. It started in 2020 when the Dane County Housing Society (DCHS) posted a picture of Nora wearing a handmade pair of purple crocheted ears. H Due saw the post on their lunch break and immediately showed interest in the cat. Within four hours, H had Nora admitted for blood work and checked for her FIV/FELV status.

As a certified veterinary technician or CVT, H had the expertise to understand Nora’s condition from the moment she landed in their arms. The blood work and status check returned normal, which was a relief since it meant H’s other two cats, Doodles and Ramona, were unaffected.

The infection only spread out to the outer ears, the pinnae, without damaging Nora’s hearing. Her little era flaps had to be cut off, and her head was shaved for the procedure. Nora has earned recognition for surviving the painful chronic ear infection and hematomas. Though unusual looking, she has made a special place for herself in the hearts of many fans and followers.

A former stray cat turned into an internet celebrity, Nora’s Instagram page has more than 36,000 followers, and it keeps growing as more people get to know her story. H’s outstanding success with Nora’s Instagram page has earned them several interviews and write-ups in various news magazines.

CNN was excited to narrate Nora’s journey from DCHS to her adoption in mere hours. At the same time, Mirror relayed Nora’s expedition to stardom. H was positively overwhelmed by the response. Their friend’s call from Australia confirmed Nora’s fame and success, which motivated them to consistently post and document Nora’s daily routine while showcasing her relationship with the rest of the family.

As an expert who understands animal behavior, H has been motivated to create something more significant for Nora’s massive following. They want to start The Due Zoo, where their animals’ daily routines and activities are communicated. Posting senior pets with disabilities’ unfiltered realities has made them approachable and more loved. H has also answered numerous queries on animal care and how they helped the earless Nora live an extraordinary life.

With a mission to help people better care for their pets, H is brainstorming ideas to make Nora and her siblings a source of inspiration. Their journey has only just begun, but it will surely be splendid.

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