New to Google Assistant makes it easy to automate your day to day

Google Assistant, like other virtual assistants, is a valuable tool for completing mundane everyday tasks and even extras like reminding you of an appointment or setting quick alarms with your voice. In a recent addition, the helper has become even more efficient at supplementing long hours of tasks, now with the ability to set up routines that last an entire day.

Basically, the tool allows you to add multiple activities and segment them by any time of day. Previously, each routine could contain a series of actions for instantaneous triggering, but only for a single moment of the day.

The addition allows you to enter complex sets of activities throughout the same day, for example: in the morning, you wake up with an alarm, check your reminders and adjust the smart lamps; half an hour later, the smart coffeemaker starts making coffee; late in the morning, you need to stretch; at the end of the afternoon, then, the day ends by changing the tone of the lamps and with background music.

The routines also received an enable/disable switch and each action takes the form of a card, which can be dragged to other times. Apparently, there is no limit to the number of actions or times for the same routine.

A routine is not always a quick thing, and sometimes it lasts all day—think of a workday, for example. Therefore, it is interesting for the virtual assistant to know that an activity is happening daily and for several hours, with different demands for each one.

Google Assistant users have been gradually receiving the news since last Friday (27), so most of them should have the addition included in the app by now. One of the ways to find the resource is from the Google Home app, within the “Routines” section. If it hasn’t appeared for you yet, it’s worth checking the Play Store and App Store for updates.

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