Meet Jazmine Humphrey, Founder of ‘My Greek Boutique,’ Who Is Leading by Example

Juggling a full-time job and raising a child is nothing short of an extraordinary feat. The mom-work-life balance that comes with such high aspiring responsibilities strains the feeble-minded. However, Jazmine Humphrey has proven time and time that with dedication and grit, one can balance more than one duty. As the owner of My Greek Boutique, Jazmine primarily had to switch between two full-time jobs while raising her daughter, Madisyn Ware.

Starting her first job as a registered nurse, Jazmine had to work long 16-hour shifts while with a child in 2014. After Madisyn’s birth in 2015, she envisioned a life of comfort for herself and her daughter and began dreaming of creating and building her own business. Starting and conducting My Greek Boutique on Etsy via dropship was an easy and flexible start with her full-time job as a nurse and a mother. However, Jazmine aspired for more than the ordinary and worked to turn the company into a single entity, producing its own products.

In December 2019, My Greek Boutique launched its website and opened its retail store in 2020. Retiring from her full-time nursing job, Jazmine gave her company and daughter undivided attention and earned notable success. She embodied the role of a mompreneur, working to promote her exclusive and self-woven designs on My Greek Boutique while also raising little Madisyn.

My Greek Boutique’s success on Etsy itself was a great motivator, enabling Jazmine to take on a more tedious role. Running a business with a full-time nursing job and raising a child are challenging responsibilities. The company’s success is a testament to the mompreneur’s dedication and work ethic. It is undoubtedly visible that Jazmine possesses an entrepreneurial streak that pushed her to transform her dropship company into a separate entity within a year.

Even after resigning from her job as a registered nurse, she had to balance the mom-work life, which she has done splendidly well. My Greek Boutique is now a nationwide appreciated Greek paraphernalia company offering apparel and accessories to sororities and fraternities. Having achieved such acclaim portrays Jazmine’s motivation and ability to strive amidst adversaries.

Jazmine is a leading example that staying committed to your goals is essential despite other notable responsibilities that might take up your time. In four years’ time, she has accomplished the life she had dreamed of, personally funding her company and becoming a licensed vendor for notable African American Greek letter organizations.

Despite all these responsibilities, she provides her daughter with the best care, taking the time to give her a better life. As a mompreneur, Jazmine motivates other mothers to take the initiative and begin anew with their ventures and dreams through My Greek Boutique.

Visit My Greek Boutique’s website to see the progress Jazmine has made so far.

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