Meet Dr. Lyn Corbett: Leadership Consultant and President at The Pivotal Group Consultants Inc.

Dr. Lyn Corbett, the president of The Pivotal Group Consultants Inc. is working as a senior executive with more than 20 years of leadership experience. He has created cutting-edge methods to strengthen enterprises, non-profits, and governmental organizations.

Dr. Corbett was born and raised in New York and has traveled extensively across the nation, working in the most underprivileged areas. He also assisted organizations by providing the strategy and plan necessary for their success and growth in their communities. Addressing challenges in local government, helping communities, and resolving disputes in the community makes Dr.Corbett a revolutionary thinker and leader. 

According to him, businesses frequently lose the feeling of responsibility and stray from their genuine aims and targets due to the increasing workload, the need to achieve strict deadlines, and the pressure to adhere to client demands. According to him, including strategic planning offers each team member a sense of purpose and empowers them with the information they need to get where they want to go while keeping an organized approach in mind. A long-term vision is necessary if the business is to grow in the market.

Additionally, he emphasizes the value of having an effective strategy in place, arguing that a business with an action plan and established strategy achieves its goals and objectives in the market earlier than its rivals. He asserts that conducting market and competitor research as a part of strategic planning provides the path for developing fresh, original ideas while also ensuring client satisfaction. 

Dr. Corbett states that The Pivotal Group works with people, business owners, managers, project leaders, executives, board members, and recently hired staff from a range of industries. They use a strength-based approach to promote collaboration, leadership growth, and strategic thinking. Additionally, Dr. works with his customers to create attainable, practical goals that encourage both individual and organizational success.

In Dr. Corbett’s opinion, mentoring enables leaders to learn new techniques for carefully reviewing their work and enhancing performance. It allows them to improve their ability to accomplish goals while also optimizing the effectiveness of their management approach.

In order to enhance employee performance, productivity, and team building within the organization, effective leadership is vital. Dr. Corbett claims that it is obvious why many businesses are including leadership coaching in their development programs. According to him, executive coaching in firms can hasten organizational achievement and positively impact the entire organization.

Dr. Lyn Corbett, a passionate believer of an inclusive strategy, is committed to offering his assistance in resolving community issues through leadership development and consultancy services.

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