Meet Carmen DeCharisse, Owner of the Ethically Conscious Clothing Brand DeCarmenAfrik

People are more satisfied with purchasing a dress that adds value to their existing wardrobe instead of one they have to discard because it loses its significance. Consumers are more aware of what brands are doing and are happy to discontinue purchasing from those not aligned with their principles and beliefs. Hence, Carmen DeCharisse. She is a bi-continental fashion designer and a lifestyle influencer who works extra hard to make her clothing sustainable, employing women seamstresses and sourcing the fabric locally.

Carmen was born on 17th September 1992, in Jackson, Ms. From the beginning, her goal was to alter the minds and thoughts on how the world thinks of Africa through luxurious, nostalgic, and extra-romantic fashion. This goal of hers resulted in her opening a clothing brand, DeCarmenAfrik.

Needing to change how the world views the African continent, Carmen has always believed that this transition can happen if the rest of the world can observe Africa’s immense talent in terms of fashion. She opened up her boutique in Lagos, Nigeria, to showcase the bold and luxurious side of the continent to change the mindsets of the luxury and lifestyle world.

A firm believer in “responsibility” in fashion, Carmen says the emphasis is stronger than ever. But what exactly does “responsibility” in fashion mean? Clothing brands with sustainable and ethical principles have grown in popularity in recent years. She not only aims to deliver bold and luxurious clothes but also shares her commitment to the environment and her drive to positively become a part of the global effort to remove unnecessary damage to the surroundings.

The fabric her team uses for clothes is sustainable, ethically sourced from sustainable African materials, and has an eco-friendly production process. The team is resourceful in using and selecting fabric, with one aim in mind – to help create a brand with clothing that can be used for as long as the consumer wants. DeCarmenAfrik is a low-waste brand that produces small inventories to ensure they stay within its sustainability mission. Not only is Carmen rewriting a new narrative, but she is also providing quality garments that can be worn repeatedly and passed on to future generations.

Africa’s audacious and revolutionary fashion is currently having a moment on the global stage, and we are all here for it. Carmen sure deserves a round of applause for contributing to this. She is a changemaker, setting a new standard for fashion in Africa and worldwide. She is trying to ensure that the world knows Africa’s unsurpassable talent.

Visit DeCarmenAfrik to learn more about this eco-friendly brand of Carmen, which focuses on zero-waste clothing and circular fashion.

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