Meet Benjamin Brumm: A Thought Leader with Exceptional Multitasking Skills

A human being is versatile and sculpted to perform various things simultaneously. And if, for some reason, we let that slip off our minds, Benjamin Brumm is a perfect reminder. He is a man of knowledge, passion, and many talents.

His upbringing took place in the town of Dartmouth in Nova Scotia, Canada. Born to a middle-class family with no background in business affairs, Benjamin grew up learning to grasp things independently. This period eclipsed the rest of his life as it infused in him the will to work in the business field.

Benjamin began playing football in junior high and quickly rose to Acadia Athletics, one of the highest levels of elite football competition at the national level. After learning about the fantastic benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle in a college kinesiology course, he decided to pursue coaching. He soon advanced to the role of head strength and conditioning coach for the Men’s Acadia Hockey team after succeeding in his new position for the next few months.

Soon after, the pandemic resulted in a significant drop in educational quality. Benjamin planned to take a year off from school in the winter of 2021 to serve on the front lines of the pandemic and get medical expertise. He learned the ins and outs of the medical sector after working tirelessly for the next five months. He rose to the pinnacle of medical expertise due to his unique skill set while working as a supervisor at a vaccination center.

These successes didn’t only establish Benjamin as a multitasker in his community but also made him realize that he had the ability to achieve much more than he expected of himself. With an eye for detail and an in-depth analysis of everything around him, Benjamin soon realized that the culture in which he was raised was entirely unaffected by the issues that affect society. He was devastated by the suffering of the world, which helped him follow the road to enlightenment.

He understood the severity of the situation but lacked the knowledge and experience to deal with it. He returned to school after around 16 months of intensive inner labor. Additionally, he had two exceptional mentors who taught him everything they knew about the business world with compassion and patience. He was molded into a skillful and insightful leader at the young age of 22 by well-known members of society.

After gaining much experience, Benjamin now aims to enhance the healthcare system worldwide and locally, being the multi-talented individual he is. In the following months, he hopes to develop his network and attract sponsors who would partner with him to bring participants worldwide, to solve issues such as hunger, bad health, community disintegration, and poverty.

Whether the change is significant or insignificant, Benjamin possesses the potential and enthusiasm for a better society. He hopes to eventually return something to the world that has given him so much.

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