Lessons Nathan Sharma Learned as a Nonconformist Who Dropped Out of College to Pursue His True Passion

Life compels you to make difficult choices every now and then, and Nathan Sharma, the COO of NIWE Academy, is no stranger to the taxing ordeals life flings our way. However, despite those ordeals, Nathan still had a spark that impelled him to be on the lookout for his true passion. 

After dropping out of the University of Calgary, Nathan started to experiment with the idea of starting an online business. This idea soon turned into reality as Nathan developed multiple online businesses, including an eCommerce and a B2B business. However, these ventures soon met their end, and Nathan once again set out on a journey to discover his purpose in life.

In 2017, Nathan was struck by the idea of turning his family business into a multimillion-dollar corporation. Though he knew how tedious the task would be, Nathan knew that he was predestined to turn his small family business into a burgeoning enterprise.

On his journey to becoming the Chief Operating Officer of NIWE Academy, Nathan assimilated life-changing lessons that influence his decisions to this day. 

One of the first lessons he learned was to focus on one goal at a time. He understands that ambitions can compel you to go overboard, but these unbridled ambitions are unsustainable and often result in failure. Instead, Nathan suggests you focus on mastering one thing at a time. This ensures that you remain committed to your goal and don’t pressurize yourself with unrealistic expectations. 

The second most important lesson Nathan unearthed was that in business, learning must be continuous. He believes that all seasoned entrepreneurs acknowledge the value of educating themselves on a continuous basis. This is because continuous learning expands your skill set, increases knowledge retention, generates new ideas and perspectives, and helps achieve business goals more efficiently. 

Nathan is of the view that when entering the business world, it is best if you expect failure. This way, you see failure as not an ending, but a chance at a new beginning. He states that this is how he overcame the failure of his online businesses and moved towards building something new. He suggests his peers inculcate a similar attitude.

At present, Nathan is coaching young business owners as he aims to build a generation of resilient, steadfast, and informed entrepreneurs. He will soon be launching a learning management system consisting of multiple online courses and training materials to help emerging entrepreneurs in their journey’s to achieving business success.

To find out more about how Nathan turned NIWE Academy into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, click on the following link.

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