Jessie Eccles Shares Her Story of Becoming a Leading Voice in the World of Astrology

Astrology has long been confused with fortune-telling and horoscope reading, a misconception that has led people to question its authenticity. Jessie Eccles, an astrology expert, is working to debunk all these myths and misbeliefs through her courses and teachings. Her interest in astrology enabled her to connect with herself and help others, and you can read more about her and her journey here. 

Prior to her official entrance into the field, Jessie felt an unexplainable yet comforting connection with the universe, signs, and the stars. “Growing up, I always felt out of place but also like my soul had been here before. I have this feeling that I came back this lifetime to redo some things and learn how to live life on my own terms,” she shares. This feeling propelled her to search for a safe space where she rediscovered parts of herself, hoping to live a fulfilled life. 

The first step on her spiritual journey came at the age of 16 when Jessie traveled to Ghana to volunteer for an organization. She began to connect with herself more profoundly and spiritually as she absorbed the life around her. This independent trip led her on a path from which she decided never to return. 

Enrolling in a liberal arts college, Jessie majored in Education to become a teacher – to learn about people, the psyche, and how our upbringing and education influence us. Moving to Ethiopia after college to teach humanities to middle school students while being off the wasn’t enough. A ten-day hike through the mountains, breathing under the stars, and residing in nature was what motivated Jessie to pursue her journey in astrology. 

To learn more about different people, cultures, and the human psyche, Jessie enrolled in a Master’s degree in International Education and Intercultural Relations. “I worked in a variety of settings in international education, managing university relations, students relations – all with students and people from many cultures and backgrounds,” she shares. 

Through astrology, Jessie learned you are able to see the different characteristics of your nature, personality, and psyche, which led to a unique experience of self-awareness. Her past experiences in life led her into the world of astrology. This newly-developed passion motivated her to share her thoughts and progress with the people around her and help them in their journey as well.

Now with more than 19,000 followers on Instagram and a published workbook – Astrology for You: A Workbook for Using Your Birth Chart to Reflect, Discover, and Grow – Jessie Eccles is working to help every individual find themselves in this overbearing world. Her passion, dedication, and grit enabled her to connect with her true self and build her own brand through which she offers astrological readings and courses. 

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